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Law School Admissions / Re: I had mono...
« on: May 22, 2007, 10:08:21 AM »
I second Cal's advice, but I have to say I think almost everyone gets Mono sometime during undergrad so I wouldn't expect too much of a boost coming from it.

Wow, I have only met one person in UG who had mono...

Anyway, I dont think the OP is looking so much for a boost as not to be penalized.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: What'd you do before law school??
« on: May 22, 2007, 10:05:14 AM »
I'm planning on taking 1 to 3 years off before law school (my last grasp at having an enjoyable life for a several years ;D), and I was wondering what people did ... besides become paralegals.

Honestly, if I had all the money in the world I would take dance classes and just dance, but that whole needing to pay bills/not live under the 10 freeway limits that. 

'Round here you can take a month of dance classes for less than $45. Call around!

The army taught me fluent french (Defense Language Institute, and SF Language School).  I'll only use it for my international business activities though... or, better, for picking up chicks...

I <3 boys who speak to me in French or Italian. :)

IMO Portuguese is definitely the sexiest of the Romance languages.

I haven't had too much exposure to it. To me it sounds like someone got lazy about pronouncing their spanish or their italian lol ... but maybe that will change once I learn it.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Congrats!
« on: May 18, 2007, 09:16:50 PM »
Aw, yay, Congratulations Hank! Hurry on back to Texas now! :)

And for the record, graduation is tomorrow Saturday, not on Monday. Which means that 12 hours from now I'll finally be a college graduate, yippee!!

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Congrats!
« on: May 18, 2007, 12:06:49 PM »
Aw, Blue, you sweetie!! Thank you!! It feels soooooo good to be done!

Now Im in the hair salon, getting some much needed "me" time before graduation stuff happens tonight and tomorrow.

Here's to everyone else that is graduating/has graduated this year! Congratulations to all of you -- we did it!!

The army taught me fluent french (Defense Language Institute, and SF Language School).  I'll only use it for my international business activities though... or, better, for picking up chicks...

I <3 boys who speak to me in French or Italian. :)

Read all those 'classics' and recommended-by-friends books that you've been putting off your entire UG!

So, I agree (as a 0L who has no clue, really) about not trying to pre-learn material -- that's what you're going to school for! But, I don't see the harm in reading some books that might be helpful in knowing what to expect, or what others have thought of their experiences during school.

Here are some suggestions, in no particular order:

- Law School Confidential: The Complete Law School Survival Guide: By Students, For Students
- Getting to Maybe: How to Excel in Law School Exams
- Law School Without Fear: Strategies for Success
- 1000 Days to the Bar, But the Practice of Law Begins Now
- Reading Like a Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert
- (if this fits for you) The Internatonal Student's Survival Guide to Law School in the United States: Everything You Need to Succeed
- America's Greatest Places to Work with a Law Degree (and anything else by the "Job Goddess")

And, in a recent email from my school:

""Starting Off Right in Law School  by Carolyn Nygren gets good reviews by both internal and external colleagues and friends.  Here’s what the author says, in part, about why she wrote this book:

“Students do not need in-depth knowledge of the legal system to be ready for the first day of law school.  There are three years to learn the details.  They just need basics.  The first reason I wrote this book is to provide those essential basics.” 

It won’t answer all your questions, nor should it, but you might find it useful.  Anyway, it’s available on Amazon for $16.00 or less.""

Law School Admissions / Re: law school application books
« on: May 12, 2007, 01:54:28 AM »
two useful ones are richard montauk's "how to get into the top law schools" and anna ivey's "the ivey guide to law school admissions"

I agree, especially about the second one. I would also add "Law School Confidential" to the list. As well as a book with a bunch of good "resume buzz words" for any kind of work you've done. Then look on the Harvard site, they have some links to what your law school resume should look like (which is different than your work resume).

I also picked up a book or two about "how to write law school personal statements" -- any of these will do. You won't be using them so much to guage what a good PS looks like, but to get the juices flowing in your memory about the types of things you could be writing about. After reading a few, I found myself thinking - gee, I never would have thought to write about that, but I have similar experiences!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Moving
« on: May 12, 2007, 12:40:34 AM »
Hey SilentSwirl you also might want to look into something called U Pack it or something like that.  They give you a pod or something to pack your stuff in and then they haul it across the country for you to unload.  Might be cheaper than a UHaul.  I don't know though.  Def. would be a lot easier and then you could just drive your accord.

That's interesting, thanks for telling me about it. I'll look into it.

See, problem is there is SOME stuff already in the apartment, SOME stuff that I own, and SOME stuff that I need to buy. But the stuff that I own is slightly more than I can fit in my car and slightly less than I really want to pay to ship. So maybe I just need to leave behind what doesnt fit and buy it again.

I thought about towing the car, but omg how much would it suck to drive a truck halfway across the country? That, I could deal with, though. Biggest problem is probably BOTH my parents want to come along for the ride and I dont know about all of us in the truck...

That's an easy one!  Make your parents drive the truck, and you drive the car.  Then you don't even have to rent the car dolly.

I'm doing the ABF U-pack trailer thing, because I don't want to drive a moving truck 2500 miles.  I just bought a car dolly, so I'll drive one car and tow the other.

Oh my goodness, no way! It's 22 hours from Houston to DC, the reason my parents are coming is so we can all take turns driving! But, I my 1,400 miles pale in comparison to your 2,500!! Agk! Good luck... are you doing it alone?

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