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I agree queen. The reviewers might be like "hmmm.. no prof LOR's?" and on the zillion applications I've done some are pretty specific "if you are still in school or have graduated in x years one of your LOR's should be academic"

Super -- why dont you scrutinize your applications first? See if they have a page dedicated to work exp or if they want a personal statement on work etc. Get a feel for whatís sticking out as important on the apps.

Someone once told me that the letterhead and whats after the persons name is key in LOR's. Whether it be from a professor or a partner in a snazzy local firm. I belived that someone ... I hope it does the trick

I would say if you can find someone else, then do so. If not just make sure you look it over before it goes? Maybe give him all your supporting info and let him know how you wnt it tailored? Is he fluent in his writing skills? LOR really need to focus on so many aspects of your abilities and since you cant submit a lot of them you gotta be pretty picky.

Who To Ask?
Most graduate programs require two or more letters of recommendation. Choosing your letter-writers often is difficult. Consider faculty members, administrators, internship/co-operative education supervisors, and employers. The persons you ask to write your letters should

know you well
know you long enough to write with authority
know your work
describe your work positively
have a high opinion of you
know where you are applying
know your educational and career goals
be able to favorably compare you with your peers
be well known
be able to write a good letter
Keep in mind that no one person will satisfy all of these criteria. Aim for a set of letters that cover the range of your skills. Ideally, letters should cover your academic and scholastic skills, research abilities and experiences, and applied experiences (e.g., co-operative education, internships, related work experience).

Law School Admissions / Re: Apology from Boalt
« on: February 19, 2006, 05:29:42 AM »
Yeah -- be involved in that and try to get into any school that would be a miracle. They f'd up.... thank goodness there are human people looking at these applictions cause if not ... a lot of people would get automatic NO's and laughs for just submitting.

Black Law Students / Re: Would you play Devil's Advocate?
« on: February 18, 2006, 07:06:11 PM »
Hmm Leo -- is that ethical? TO defend your client knowing you would do a crappy job>   ;D

General Off-Topic Board / Re: What are you reading?
« on: February 18, 2006, 06:34:59 PM »
Why the Left Hates America - Daniel J. Flynn

(I know, bring it on)

Excuse me ... just finished accounting 3 class.

By far thatís great but really Ė donít companies have to account for dat cash?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: I think I am doomed!
« on: February 18, 2006, 06:30:16 PM »
take a class, good luck

Actually -- I agree. The money you spend will be well worth it. I took my class and it was about a week before my test. I liked that. Some people want time though between the class and the test so ... if your thinking class ... think about everything.

CASH!? I the amil, huh? Thats weird. You'd think they would have to keep track of all that cash in envelopes for tax purposes. I figured they called you but they coulda called your cell...Crazy, money in envelopes from a company like that. I can see a nickle taped to a piece of paper but $25 -- spend away!

Bizarre. I googled WBA and the address and all I came up with was a Drís office in and a place called WBA Imaging Center. They are sending $25 to people who completed a long telephone survey to entice them to complete a paper survey? Unless you want to be on their mailing list forever I would say toss .. including the check (unless your phone bill went up bc of the call).

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