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Law School Admissions / And we'll have fun fun fun
« on: April 19, 2011, 10:15:05 AM »
Here's the deal.
UGPA 2.78 (LSAC standardized), 162 LSAT on the first try, no studying, taken while I have the flu (Luck is my best friend.  Seriously.  I was just taking it to get a benchmark on how I would do with no studying whatsoever to determine what prep courses, etc I'd need to get a decent score).

I'm definitely in that "non-traditional" group of students.  I jerked around my first two years of undergrad, dropped out, worked a couple of maritime jobs, went back seriously, managed to get a decent GPA (3.3-3.5) my last two years of Undergrad while getting married and instantly becoming a dad (stepchildren...), and took a job with a huge company instead of taking a year to take th eLSAT and apply when I found out another couple were on the way.  3 years afterwards, I'm sitting at my desk and realize that I still wanted to be a lawyer, so I take the LSAT, do reasonably well, and start applying.

Now, I have that legal background...grew up in my Dad's office, worked as his assistant (not the BS "lawyer kid" stuff either...this man had me prepping Sixth Circuit briefs at 21 for him and threatened to fire me at least once every other month) for a good chunk of time, got leased out to other attorneys in the area when his case load was low.  My desire is pretty much concrete in that whole "grew up in it and truly love the exhausting practice of it" without the ideological "change the world" perspective.

Personal statement?  Solid.  Criminal history?  A couple bumps (an old DUI and a violation for "loitering" that I'm candid about in the addendum and have a strong enough history of good moral standing  to overcome).  Sights?  Set firmly on T3 or T4 (A job with the county is almost a lock down here, given my father's connections...what?  I said I'm being candid.  Or, otherwise, there's always the family's practice).  So, here's my questions:

I'm limited by my UGPA.  I'm debating whether to retake the LSAT with some actual prep time and see if I can bump that score up a few points to make up the difference.

I've applied/am applying to Salmon P. Chase (NKU...3 hour roundtrip drive, but evening classes would allow me to keep my current job and therefore not destroy myself, Resident status!), Widener (it's close to my wife's parents so provides some cost benefits for me in the living expenses area), Cooley (God help me, but everyone needs a safety...), Brandeis (This is how we shoot for the stars.  The heck with Harvard.), Dayton (See Cooley), and Appalachian (See Cooley, and realize I really, really need to get a JD).

I have no illusions about Big Firm jobs or massive salaries.  My goal is to get a JD, pass the Bar, and work in the practice my father's spent 30+ years building.  It's Sh*t Law, but law.  I'm certain we can live alright, if not comfortably, afterwards. 

So....what're my odds?  Any suggestions here?  C'mon folks, lay into me!

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