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in terms of academic year: they won basketball in 2005-2006. texas won football. florida would have to win both in 2006--2007.

in terms of calendar year: thet won basketball in 2006. the footbal game against OSU has been given the title Tostitos BCS National Championship: Arizona 2007 (for it will be played in 2007)

Florida is NOT halfway there

god this is going to get painful.

yes you are right they could not be double champions in an academic year (by the way when you do your taxes tell uncle sam you are basing your income off the academic year, let me know how that turns out). but if you go to the NCAA athletic website and look at the list of past division I Football national champions ( they have Texas as the champions for 2005. Wow you better call them and tell them that Texas is not the champion for 2005, rather 2006, they would probably appreciate it. It does not make sense that the team who wins this game is the 2007 National Champion when the 2007 college football season has not even started! Oh I dont think you disagreed, but if you go to NCAA website and look at past basketball champions ( florida is the 2006 champions. SO according to the NCAA (for what thats worth), if Florida wins this game they will be both football and basketball champions for 2006. Wait i didnt underline and italicize things, my argument must not be convincing. 

Aren't you forgetting that florida is already half way there?

Uhh, no they aren't.

Uhh, yes they are. Have you forgot they won the 2006 NCAA Tournament? If they win the 2006 National college football championship, then they would have a double championship (the subject of this thread). Lets see, Florida needs 2 championships this year to make it a double, they have already won 1 ... 1 out of 2 ... hmm ... i think i am going to have to refer to my differential equations book .... ahh yes 1 out of 2 is half (1/2 if that helps, 50% if that does it for you). SO, Uhh yes they are.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UGA LS - ask away...
« on: November 16, 2006, 07:47:17 PM »
Their word choice was "out of" and not "outside", I thought that meant out of UGA aka Georgia - you thought that meant outside of Georgia as in the state. Miscommunication is not uncommon online but if you're looking to pick a bone, visit the "Drinking the Haterade" area

As far as out of state placement, most students at UGA want to practice in Georgia. Have you read the UGA LS mission? More students at Emory want to practice out of Georgia. The out of state placement stats reflect that: about 45% of Emory grads stay in state and about 70% of UGA grads stay in state. GSU is too shy to post their data.

ILRG ranks UGA -then- GSU -then- Emory... as you can see from their data UGA has higher LSAT, job placement and bar passage rate

According to LSAC:
UGA is cheaper than Emory, GSU, Duke, Vandy, UNC (check out tuition, living and application fees)
UGA gives more grants and scholarships than Emory and GSU - making an already great deal better
UGA has a higher first time bar passage rate than GSU and Emory, and again a higher % employed

The first page gives stats from several sources, you’re using the same sources so there is nothing to dispute, but this thread isn't really helpful for that - anyone can go to USNWR, NALP, ILRG, etc. - less accessible are 1Ls at law schools. What questions do you have for us?

Oh I wasn't looking to pick a bone, I was just correcting your mistake. Which I will do once again.
1 - In your first post you referenced USNews in your statement that UGA is "#4 - law school in the SE." This is why I went to USNews to illustrate how it wasn't, interesting how you did not mention USNews rankings in your reply.
2 - IRLG also (just a selection) ranks Ave Maria then Harvard then Marquette then U. Chicago then U. Toledo then BC then Mercer then UGA then GSU then Emory. If you want to rest your the argument those rankings go ahead. I would just tell the people at harvard that they have nothing on Ave Maria.
3 - No UGA LSAT's are not higher on the IRLG rankings [UGA Low: 158, Emory Low: 161 (its 162 this year) & UGA high:164, Emory high: 165 (its 166 this year)]
4 - Check the new bar results, Emory is higher.
5 -  You got me, .2% more UGA grads have jobs 9 months after graduation 
6 - Yes UGA is cheaper and if GA is the only state you want to work in, by all means go to UGA. (btw Vandy, Emory, Duke are all private schools and UGA is public, hence the price difference)
7 - Please define "deal." I have a scholarship that makes Emory about the same price as UGA, I would say I am on the winning end of the deal.

And im done with this thread.

I have to go read.   

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UGA LS - ask away...
« on: November 16, 2006, 06:29:22 PM »

What are the prospects out of Georgia like? How competitive would you say the school is? How are the facilities?
using the USNWR for a general idea - #4 law school in the SE. There's no better school if you want to practice in Georgia. The next best in Atlanta are GSU and Emory but they don't outplace UGA

From USNews:
Duke - 11   Vanderbilt - 17  Emory - 26(def will be higher next year)  Chapel Hill - 27  UGA - 34

The OP asked about outside GA, and UGA does not outplace Emory in that respect.

From the info on 75.7% of UGA grads practice in GA compared to 94.6% of GSU grades practicing in GA, so it would seem GSU places better in GA than UGA.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Question About Scholarships
« on: November 16, 2006, 04:32:29 PM »
I know at my school there is a separate application and the deadline is before the regular application deadline. Also, they do a combination of financial need and academic merit to determine the award amount. There is a separate scholarship committee, so my award letter did not come with my acceptance letter.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UGA LS - ask away...
« on: November 15, 2006, 06:36:06 PM »
What are the prospects out of Georgia like? How competitive would you say the school is? How are the facilities?
While NALP would be a better source for explicit data, using the USNWR for a general idea - #4 law school in the SE. There's no better school if you want to practice in Georgia. The next best in Atlanta are GSU and Emory but they don't outplace UGA

Just wondering what data/sources are you using to come up with this? If it is the fourth best school in the SE, what are 1, 2, & 3.

penn, gtown, duke, cornell = reaches. everything else is prob not a reach. I had a 165 and got into GW (but i am an urm and engineer).

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Emory 1L taking questions
« on: October 26, 2006, 01:49:27 PM »
thats all right mae, i just didnt want you to have to repeat what i already said. I second your comment on how everyone at emory seems to work really hard. It seems everyone is always on top of their reading, outlining, studying, etc.. Of course I didnt expect it to be slackerville, but i am taken back on how everyone seems to study their ass off. Btw shouldnt we be studying for our practice torts exam tomorrow? HA!

You are correct that they have revamped their CS, a new director and such. I know Emory has a interview programs in NYC and DC. As to PA and Boston I do not know too much, but I know that Emory places well generally in the NE. I have a few friends who got summer firm jobs after their first year, however they both were in the top 10% of the class. My good friend who got a summer firm job after his first year just finished up 27 interviews (12 in atl, 8 in DC, 5 in NYC, and 2 in Chicago) for the summer after his second year. I know that it really is not representative because he was in the top 10%, however i thought it is good to point out if you do well here you have no worries. I do know people who were not top 10% after their first year and some worked at various public interest organizations (not paid), government agencies (not paid), research assistants, and such. Getting paid jobs after your 1L year is not easy, but getting employment period is definitely doable.

I have actually had many conversations with the dean of admissions and soft factors was one of the topics we spoke about. Emory right now is decreasing the size of their incoming class. This year it was 215 JD students, compared to 235 last year, and she told me that 200 is the target class size for next year, so needless to say admissions is getting more difficult. The dean is very concerned with creating a diverse student body, with diverse backgrounds. She told me that your LSAT will not make or break you admission, however it is one of the more important factors, along with GPA.  Saving starving children in africa will not get you in with a 152 and 2.9, however with a 160 and 3.6 it might tip the scales in your favor. (That is my impression). Also as a note APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP. Emory Law has a decent amount of money, undergrad has the 8th largest endowment, and they are willing to give it to students, so fill out that scholarship form even if you dont think theyll give you anything, because they just might.       

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