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thats definitely good to hear.  maybe in the 50's next year and t1 by the time we (whoever else decides to attend) graduate.

sidenote: i have sent withdrawals to all other schools i have been accepted to and will be sending in my deposit to miami within a week.  thats not to say that if something comes of my brooklyn deferral things might not change, but i doubt that will happen, until it is too late at least, and so it is looking almost for sure that i will be in miami.

i dont know but i am interested to find out.

hurricanes are certainly issues but as it is the norm, lke you said, i dont think they will impact your ability to succeed in school since they are expected and everyone will be dealing with the same issue.  i too was definitely glad to see the little rankings increase, 65 has a mch nicer ring than 73.  further, i was looking at loyola LA as well (although i havent been and likely wont be admitted) and preferred miami but it would have been a tough decision knowing that loyola was a better school... not so much anymore as they are now tied.

i hope these are real... go miami!

i'm anxious to hear what you guys and girls that attended law day thought.

actually when we were driving through there on the way to coconut grove i commented to my girlfriend that it is interesting to see an area like that located where it is (sort of right in the middle of coral gables and coconut grove) and i bet the shittiness doesn't last long.  i was told by a couple people that i know in the miami area to buy if you can rather than rent, not necessarily in bahamanian village but wherever, real estate prices have been skyrocketing over the last couple of years.  sadly i'm not really in a postion to buy, or maybe i am just dont know how to go about it... something to look into i guess.

yeah, that little crack neighborhood was interesting, its really weird driving through it and then all of a sudden you hit posh coconut grove.

i went to sandbar last thursday night, college night, it was a really good time.  the whole floor was covered in sand but i heard that was only because it was spring break.  either way its definitely a pretty sweet bar (lots of tv's for the tourney).

i would say go to coconut grove, its closer to the school (ie you'll prolly be hanging out there more) and its a lot of fun... i only went out there one night, seemed like more f a bar scene than the club scene of south beach... depends what you are into i guess.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Loyola (LA) v. Miami
« on: March 23, 2006, 07:52:29 AM »
I don't think you will have to make that choice: if you didn't get into Pepperdine, you probably will not get into Loyola.

thanks for your amazingly well thought out insight donwario.  you have truly shed some much needed light on my situation.

I think this decision should be almost entirely based on where you want to practice after graduation.

yeah, i agree with you... its something i have been struggling with, i have visited both cities quite recently and, in my eyes, they are very similar.  i really dont know which i would personally prefer...

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