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interesting...  that is too bad.  good luck in whatever you guys choose though.

I just got accepted to the James Weldon Johnson/Robert H. Waters Summer Institute.  Did anyone else apply?  I'm pretty siked that I got in, having been out of school for a year I think it will seriously help me make the adjustment back into school.  Plus, all expenses paid is not such a bad deal.  Guess I'll be shipping out to Miami on May 28.

that sucks, prolly wouldnt have gotten it anyway though like the rest of us.

4:15, havent heard anything yet...

i applied for campus housing, definitely hoping to get a positive email sometime tomorrow but i think the chances are really slim.

ivan you never fail to keep me entertained with your avatars.  keep up the good work.

chica, do you know what the cab situation like in the coral gables/ coconut grove area for going out purposes?  are they really expensive or do they do some sort of $3 a person deal or something like that because of all the students?

i'd really like to find a decent priced apt in coconut grove so i don't have to worry about the drunk driving factor... i hope the cab situation is decent.

dave - from what i understand, the metro thing they have is not a viable option, it basically runs up and down US-1, so if you happen to live right next to it you would be able to use it to get to class but if not then no.  either way, you will more than likely need a car for doing most anything else.

i'd prolly be down

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