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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Davis Waitlist
« on: April 23, 2004, 05:23:27 PM »
got wlisted yesterday...talked to a really smart friend who got accepted and i decided after our convo that realistically, considering the unbelievable pool of applicants this year, im definately not keeping my fingers crossed...whats ur backup?

YEAH!! I got ZILCH from LLS, 161/3.53.  I sent a letter to the dean about a week ago, so I'm waiting for a response.  HEADMACHINE: what are your stats?  I'm going to USC, Hastings, or Davis in a heartbeat if I get in (btw, dinged from UCLA today).

3.51/ 161 av/ 165 high with 2 yrs WE and good recs and decent ps...yeah im expecting my rejection letter too today...i was keeping my fingers crossed being all optimistic but i found out my genius buddy at cal (prolly 3.7+, ~170) got wl (dinged) at ucla a while back already so im ready to accept my fate and complain about LLS financial aid - or lack thereof

do you happen to know whether or not LLS averages?  i heard that they did not...

hmm...i also realized that the image of a panda bear playing ping pong can be considered a racially insensitive message...maybe if they had him in a karate outfit at the same time it wouldnt be as bad...

its a wicked twist of fate is what it is. i got money to all the law schools i was accepted at in CA, dinged from the uc's and money from schools in other states that were "ranked higher" than LLS in US News.

And absolutely no money from Loyola - the school i am most likely going to, given the wl @ UCD and UCH.  and it is going to be a big deal for me to figure out the whole financial situation since every time im paying for school ill be thinking "crud...i could be getting a free ride/ extra 16K a year" and then sighing


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