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General Off-Topic Board / for those of u that follow the lakers...
« on: June 21, 2004, 03:22:08 PM »
just been reading a lot of editorials and opinions about the potential franchise trades and situations that may percipitate during the off season...a lot of people are lookin at it as either shaq or kobe.

ball in  :-* duuuuumb

hey guys just thought id start a thread realizing i now have 6 weeks of werk left.


weird stuff u can spend hours reading:

hope u guys can have hours of fun draining and reallocating the dead weight loss of inefficiency in the corporate world.  :-*

General Off-Topic Board / is this a sign?
« on: June 21, 2004, 11:15:48 AM »
here r 3 things that i saw this morning that have unsettled me.

1. a dead black lab prolly a couple years old on the inner lane of the freeway, body intact, with a pool of thick fresh red blood oozing from underneath his body. his face was towards me and his tongue was hanging out. he would have looked cute if he was alive.

2. a dead white cat with black spots on the side of the road pulling into work, body completely intact just lying on the road. no blood and i couldnt really see its face, but it was lying towards the curb. he looked like a young playful kitten/cat.

3. a dead black beetle on the atrium in from of my work. it was squashed but dry and looked like it had been there for a few days.

then to top it off i looked up from the beetle and there were two black crows crowing and when i turned to them, they flew away without any additional movement on my part.

today is going to be a crazy @$$ f*ckin day.  :-*

General Off-Topic Board / who here still abuses illegal substances
« on: June 17, 2004, 04:10:05 PM »
just curious, this can range from everything that includes underage drinking/smoking, smoking crack, herb, cush, glass, meth, h to shooting ur veins to drinking expired food that was stolen...i just know people in some ma and md programs that still smoke pretty regularly as well as a buddy in ls that still finds time to i stick to chronic masterbation and borderline alcoholism with rare moments of weaknessssessss  :-*

General Off-Topic Board / its my bday
« on: June 16, 2004, 03:00:14 PM »
well its my bday folks and i thought id tell everyone...

i also wanted to ask u guys a q, do u think its f*cked up that im sort of feeling out of my current relationship but my gf is going through finals so im sucessfully acting content and satisfied...i already talked her into going back home for the summer so we could have some "time" but i havent really defined time as just extra space or time as in a break - i am currently on the fence about this aspect. and for more background i still love her but recently something has been missing and im not sure if its a commitment thing or a going to law school thing or whatever, we have talked about our relationship seriously and i could see my self spendin the rest of my life with her but maybe im just getting cold feet about the seriousness now...

thanks in advance oprahs...any advice is welcome...

and since im old now id like to tell u the best thing ive had up to this point would be love and the worst is death and not being able to stay in a dead love...sigh...too much introspection at werk may have a negative affect on my workplace efficiency...  :-*

btw tupacs bday is today too - i think thats where i get my wannabe creative soul from because we all know biggie had a better flow but the word battle goes straight to pac  :-*

hey guys, i already posted in another section of the board but id thought id get a little more opinions from the general populace...

i was 99% going to loyola for 2004 barring any acceptances from wl at davis and hastings..and i recently got this offer from loyola after asking for money:

1. guaranteed deferment until 2005 day division
2. full tuition for 3 years
3. waived seat fee

so basically now my plan for 2004 is kind of screwy...would you guys take the year off or just go?

my plans for the potential year off is as follows:
1. chill
2. part time work and classes in writing at pasadena city college
3. taiwan for 6 months
4. right back to free schooling...

so im between relaxing/ staying motivated...nethoughts?

TIA peeps  :-*

General Off-Topic Board / IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT MEANS?
« on: June 11, 2004, 01:41:05 PM »
hey guys i know this is not exactly the right board, but i just got this after weeks and weeks of waiting on an answer:

Thank you for your interest in Loyola Law School. As you may know, Loyola received a record number of applications for Fall 2004. Due to this year's overwhelming response in seat deposits for the Day Division, Loyola Law School has created the Deferment Incentive Program. The program consists of the three incentives listed below:

1) Guaranteed Deferment for Fall 2005 Day Division

2) Full Tuition Scholarship for 3 years

3) Full refund of your seat deposit

The Deferment Incentive Program is designed to ease your financial obligation while maintaining a guaranteed seat in the Fall 2005 Day Division. This program will only be offered to a limited amount of students. Should you accept this offer, you are prohibited from enrolling into another law school prior to Fall 2005. If you are interested in this option, please email me directly at XXXX or call XXXX. Upon acceptance of the deferment option, a confirmation letter and form will be forwarded to your attention. We ask that you mail or fax the form back to the Office of Admissions immediately. Once again, thank you for your interest in Loyola Law School and we look forward to welcoming you into our legal community.

is this what i think it means? and is this worth it?

alright by request from horny cho - not to say that im not horny, and that im not choson, even though im not..i could be basically...sigh...this polls gonna die over this weekend but someone prove me wrong =)


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