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General Off-Topic Board / Ron Paul on Don Imus affair...
« on: April 25, 2007, 09:36:47 PM »
The controversy surrounding remarks by talk show host Don Imus shows that the nation remains incredibly sensitive about matters of race, despite the outward progress of the last 40 years. A nation that once prided itself on a sense of rugged individualism has become uncomfortably obsessed with racial group identities.

The young women on the basketball team Mr. Imus insulted are over 18 and can speak for themselves.  Itís disconcerting to see third parties become involved and presume to speak collectively for minority groups.  It is precisely this collectivist mindset that is at the heart of racism. 

Itís also disconcerting to hear the subtle or not-so-subtle threats against free speech.  Since the FCC regulates airwaves and grants broadcast licenses, weíre told itís proper for government to forbid certain kinds of insulting or offensive speech in the name of racial and social tolerance.  Never mind the 1st Amendment, which states unequivocally that, ďCongress shall make NO law.Ē

Letís be perfectly clear: the federal government has no business regulating speech in any way.  Furthermore, government as an institution is particularly ill suited to combating bigotry in our society.  Bigotry at its essence is a sin of the heart, and we canít change peopleís hearts by passing more laws and regulations.

In fact it is the federal government more than anything else that divides us along race, class, religion, and gender lines.  Government, through its taxes, restrictive regulations, corporate subsidies, racial set-asides, and welfare programs, plays far too large a role in determining who succeeds and who fails in our society. This government "benevolence" crowds out genuine goodwill between men by institutionalizing group thinking, thus making each group suspicious that others are receiving more of the government loot.  This leads to resentment and hostility between us.

The political left argues that stringent federal laws are needed to combat racism, even as they advocate incredibly divisive collectivist policies.

Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called "diversity" actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist.

The true antidote to racism is liberty. Liberty means having a limited, constitutional government devoted to the protection of individual rights rather than group claims. Liberty means free-market capitalism, which rewards individual achievement and competence, not skin color, gender, or ethnicity. 

More importantly, in a free society every citizen gains a sense of himself as an individual, rather than developing a group or victim mentality. This leads to a sense of individual responsibility and personal pride, making skin color irrelevant. Rather than looking to government to correct our sins, we should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty.

General Off-Topic Board / Phi Beta Kappa?
« on: April 19, 2007, 11:35:31 AM »
Has anyone done this?  I've seen it on a bunch of lawyers' resumes, so part of me thinks it's impressive, but another part of me thinks it is just a waste of money (like all those silly things in high school where you paid to get your name in a book). 

Anyway, is it worth doing?  Is it prestigious?  Will anybody care?  I really don't know. 

General Off-Topic Board / That's it, Lampshade Punk
« on: April 03, 2007, 07:11:31 PM »
I've had it up to HERE with how you constantly start threads about random thoughts you have and purchases you make.  In the last few days, you have started threads about:

how often you make typos:,85843.0.html

how you are buying new mouth wash:,85841.0.html

how you hate a basketball team:,85830.0.html

how you bought a book on aesthetic theory:,85839.0.html

how you have nothing to say:,85836.0.html

and Fionna Apple (even though you didn't seem to have anything to say about her):,85846.0.html

So consider this me CALLING YOU OUT. 

No more!

 >:( >:( >:(

General Off-Topic Board / Poll: The Final Four
« on: March 30, 2007, 11:43:31 AM »
Who is the favorite?  Will it be Florida vs. Ohio State, like in the football "championship" game?  How will Oden do? 

Most interesting game seems to be GTown vs Ohio State...Florida should win the other one if they play OK.  I picked Georgetown at the beginning of the tournament, but I think I'll go with Ohio State now.  Oden just seems like a winner. 

General Off-Topic Board / Poll: Best TV Show since 1990??
« on: March 27, 2007, 09:59:05 AM »
These are all my favorite shows.  Let me know if you can think of another one, although I may or may not include it. 

General Off-Topic Board / Philosophy Quiz!!!
« on: March 25, 2007, 06:33:43 PM »

Take this quiz, and see with which ethical philosophers you are most in agreement!

Obviously I was most in agreement with Rand and Hume. 

The hair on the back of my neck is standing up...

General Off-Topic Board / Mavericks vs Suns...anyone watching?
« on: March 14, 2007, 08:59:17 PM »
I just got home and now see Suns and Mavs are in OT.  WTF????  The Suns were killing the Mavericks in the first half.  Then the Mavs were killing them in the 3rd quarter.  Now Double OT?


General Off-Topic Board / Do you like Valentine's Day?
« on: February 13, 2007, 07:30:13 PM »
Peronsally I love writing Valentine's Day cards because it allows me to be sweet without pretensions because it's Valentine's Day.  However, I don't like taking girls out on actual dates (when I have actual dates) because it feels like everybody is doing it, and usually I want something like that to be special.  Thoughts?

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