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Sorry if this posted somewhere on this thread, thought it would be useful...

If your school uses SecureExam for its exams on computers, you may or may not want to hold off on that Vista/2007 upgrade.  According to this site and some others, secureexam is suppose to have vista/2007 compatible version in the summer... discuss amongst yourselves.

There is a separate thread dealing with this. I'm too lazy to look it up. What is the big deal anyway? Vista and Office 2007 will have support by the end of the summer. Soon enough for those considering a purchase of either product.


Zone... if I were going to Boalt I would adopt your stategy too... However, at my TT I'm ready to be swarmed by competition...

Yeah, everyone's told me the same thing: "dude, just enjoy the summer and relax, you'll need it..."

I'm going through the prep program from that book Planet Law School though.

I don't go to a top school, and I strongly advise you to spend the summer doing something fun.

I know it seems reasonable to want to know some law going in, but the truth is that by the time you actually need to know everything (the end of semester when exams roll around), almost everyone (the people that didn't just slack and party, and even some that did) know the same stuff.  There is more than ample time in the semester to learn everything you need to know by exam time.  You don't get extra points for knowing anything first!

So have a fun summer, relax, law school will be here before you know it.  If you must do something this summer, do LEEWS, some people think that it is really helpful.

And perhaps the competition thing is blown out of proportion on these boards.  Unless the school that I go to is completely atypical, the competition is nowhere near as bad as you likely think it will be - most of the people will be pretty chill and most everyone will try to help out as much as they can.  Stay away from the dicks, and you will be fine.

Co-signed. I'm glad I spent last summer relaxing. It definently helps during those rough times in 1L year to think of the summer memories gone by. 1L is tough enough already. Don't make it more so.


Incoming 1Ls / Re: Panasonic Toughbooks
« on: May 10, 2007, 07:29:07 AM »
I'm specifically considering the W5 model, which is a long-battery-life (8-hr), fanless 12.1" ultraportable. The goal is to have a computer that I can confidently stick into a backpack with my books, without a charger, and take on the bumpy public transit and around school for three years with almost no chance of breaking. The main concern is (of course) price. At $2000 I can get the bare bones specs. For around $3000 I can get the specs bumped up to something good, maybe too good.

My school's deal with Dell means I would pay around $1200 or a little more for a Dell Latitude D620. The W5 is so much more expensive compared to this, but with the Dell I am sure it will break sometime during three years even if I baby it, let alone give it the kind of casual treatment I would like. Even with a complete Dell warranty, not having my computer even for a week could be a major disruption.

And that's worth paying MORE THAN DOUBLE the cost of the Dell? Man, I forgot what it's like to be a 1L in waiting. Simple advice - go with the Dell and the 4 year warranty. Or something else like a Thinkpad. What if something technical, not involving any physical force on your part, fails inside your Toughbook? Will the $3000 seem worth it then?

Panasonics aren't especially more reliable than Dells.

Don't be silly


If somebody has experience running windows off of a mac is it just as quick as it would be on a PC or is it considerably slower.

If you have an intel based mac and are using parallels the experience is very satisfactory - in fact the virtusl machine actually boots up in about 15 secs, much less than any other windows based system I have ever had. Performance while in windows is not different than bootcamp - the only limitation being games (cannot utilize GPU through any virtual machine I know of).

check out this link.


A little advice for anyone thinking of buying an IBM Thinkpad for school next year.  I bought one before my 1L year and have had nothing but problems with it.  I realize this is far off the norm for Thinkpads but although I've had some hardware related problems, the biggest problem has been their customer service.  For instance, I've been without my computer for 4 weeks as of tomorrow because they're morons.  They sent me the box, fixed my computer and attempted to mail it back to me.  After I wasn't home the first 2x DHL tried to deliver, they allowed me to change the address that it was being sent to so I could have it sent to my parents' house.  I had to go through IBM to do this and they assured me it would go to the right address.  A week later they called to verify my address b/c they had yet again tried to send it to my apartment and it had been sent back to them in Tennessee.  Then a week after that I finally called them and asked them where the hell it was, they got DHL on the phone (AGAIN) and said sure we'll send it out.  We'll see.  I hate them.  Word to the wise:  if you get one and have a problem with it, just freaking chuck it.  It's not worth the aggravation of dealing with their customer service idiots.

That's why I paid $365 for 4 years of complete care and at home service at Dell. Another good option would have been Apple since they don't break down often and if they do you can always bring it to their Apple store. The main reason why I got a Dell was because it allowed me to get a decently pimped out system for a relatively low price with a warranty that would guarantee it for 4 years no matter what. I also like to play video games so I needed a good system, not that I'll be doing that during law school. So far I've been very impressed with Dell because there have been no problems or breakdowns. I did have to buy ZoneAlarm Security Suite to protect myself from virus's, spyware, and the like.

I have the home service warranty, but when they diagnosed it over the phone they said it was something that they would have to do at their service center and I would have to send it to them.  The first problem (after my friend spilled coffee on it) also had to be dealt with at their place.  When the system board broke down (the second time) they actually came out to fix it at my house.  I was prepared when I bought it, and Thinkpads rarely have problems.  I have a lemon, and on top of that, really bad customer service.

Hmmmm....I agree that the customer service people at Lenovo are a PITA to deal with. I pretty much ended up giving my X41 tablet to a family member after I got fed up with its performance related issues. I have a Macbook Pro now and am MUCH happier.

What kind of Thinkpad did you have?


Don't go.

Read the mirror of justice link carefully. I don't know how anyone could feel comfortable going there after reading it. I can now understand why we have a few Ave Maria transfers at our school. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a few more next semester.


Incoming 1Ls / Re: Yay for the no-longer-1Ls!!!
« on: May 04, 2007, 10:04:32 PM »
I have a 4 hour Con Law exam on Saturday (Saturday?!?!) and Property on Tuesday!  Then write on for journal.  Then I am done being a 1L!  Hooray!

Congrats to you Jolie!  It was a tough race, but you won it!  :)

8 hour con law exam for us next week :(


8 hours?????  I never had anything even close to that when I was a 1L!  That's awful!
Is that one of those check-out in the morning, and check-in in the afternoon things?

My con law was 4.5 hrs, as I recall. And I used it all.

Now, I just have 1 more final. And that big ol' exam looming this summer.

Good luck to the 2Ls on the upcoming "work you to death" year.

Yup, we get it in the morning and have to hand it in 8 hours later. Part of me likes the flexibility, another part just wishes it were a regular 3-4 hour final.


Incoming 1Ls / Re: Yay for the no-longer-1Ls!!!
« on: May 03, 2007, 06:34:39 PM »
I have a 4 hour Con Law exam on Saturday (Saturday?!?!) and Property on Tuesday!  Then write on for journal.  Then I am done being a 1L!  Hooray!

Congrats to you Jolie!  It was a tough race, but you won it!  :)

8 hour con law exam for us next week :(


Incoming 1Ls / Re: Yay for the no-longer-1Ls!!!
« on: May 03, 2007, 02:35:14 PM »
Thanks Jolie :)

I still have a crim law and a con law final to write. I'll be done on the 9th. I swear I just want to get drunk and puke on a sidewalk somewhere. I'll have to wait until next week.


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