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Basically you just jumped on the thread because you saw the opportunity to belittle someone for no good reason. You are correct in that the OP's URM status almost certainly played a part in his/her offers.  But not only is that completely irrelevant, you make your point in a completely antagonistic manner.  Despite what you think, you weren't of any help to anyone at all.  But I suppose you can feel better about yourself, having put some stranger down just for being in a fortunate position and appealing to people for insight.  I wouldn't call you a racist, but you've certainly been a d-bag.  And you're also chock full of shite.  And that's pretty much that.

Wait, let me get this straight... suspecting that the poster received the scholarship because of his URM status and not his low numbers is correct, but also belittling?  You're agreeing with that other commenter that this is a causal factor in the scholarship status... does that mean that you too are belittling the OP?

Because my point is simply that if you read the original post, there is absolutely no reason for this discussion to even exist.  And for that reason, I'm through here.

Thank you!  I logged in just now with the intention of basically saying the same things you have.

I logged onto this board and created this thread with the singular hope of possibly gaining some insight into a difficult, albiet enviable decision.  Some people answered the questions I asked, some didn't.  Someone asked my numbers, as people are wont to do on this site.  I didn't object, though I grudgingly gave it WITH the acknowledgement that this is not typical (i.e. "I know what you're thinking, but I have other factors to back these numbers up).  Some bitter a-hole decided that I didn't derserve what I got.  The assertion was made, in a most derogatory and dismissive way, that not only was I a URM, but that this is the direct cause of my scholarships.  Despite the fact that that point was utterly irrelevant to my post, no one even waited for me to comment on what those "other factors" might be.  For all intents and purposes, the matter was settled.

Did I call the person who said this a racist?  No, but I certainly didn't pretend to overlook the attitude that was so obviously reflected in that post.  I'd go out on a limb and say that he didn't get any where near the money I got.  Hence, "hater".

Look, I know that being black and applying to law school gives me an advantage.  And, you know, I'm ok with that.  I started two steps behind nearly everyone else I know so a rare leg up is appreciated.  I understand how this can irk some people.  But I also know that even a cursory glance at my file will tell anyone on an admissions council that I stand head and shoulders above most students.  When I emailed Rutgers asking them to match an offer the admissions officer commentted that she "remembers my file very well.  (I) am star of the psych department".  Presumably, whatever factor, or combination of factors, rather, that prompted her to make this flattering comment, is also what prompted Cardozo, as well as every other school I applied to, to step up and make sure that they are doing all they can to secure a decision from me that is in their favor.

Would I expect a white male to get into Cardozo with a 158/3.4 with nothing else on his application?  I'd be surprised.  But I'd also be surprised if he had an identical file as I do and still didn't get in.  I would in fact be mildly surprised if he wasn't offered some kind of small scholarship.  Likewise, I would not be surprised if a minority got into Cardozo with nothing else except a 158/3.4.  But I would certainly be surprised if they gave him a full ride.  Point is, I know that being black plays a factor, but I, as well as you, don't know how much of a factor is played with me.  So the best thing to do would have been to STFU and leave it alone.  But you didn't, and now I'm writing this.

I just want to reiterate jayscoot's observation that all of this is not remotely germane to the original point of this post.  But a bitter idiot brought it to this point and other idiots sided with him/her, and since I'm the OP, I feel as if it behooves me to address it.  I hope this adequately states my position and that we can either move on from this idiotic tangent or let the thread die with some dignity.

When dealing with people like cannotpick, I draw strength from the words of The Prophet Kanye West; "there'll always be haters, that's the way it is.  Hater n-word marry hater b*tches and have hater kids."  Just gotta deal with it.

URM = under-represented minority

Your ECs, soft factors sound extremely strong, but not like inventing the polio vaccine (to quote another poster).  Maybe it's possible that your background led to your exceptional scholarships.  Or maybe you're just a real good scholarship negotiator.  I dunno.

But typically to get major-league money out of Dozo, you typically need 165 or above.  So most of us assume URM, since various other discussions on this site and others say that URM status typically adds 5-7 points roughly to your LSAT and 0.5 to your GPA.  And most of the time, those are the only two numbers a school cares about.

Let me second everything Sam said. Look, I'm not insulting you if you are in fact a URM. I'm not hanging your worth on 2 #s, but I am hanging your scholarship grant on them. Schools are worried about moving up in the US News rankings (especially schools like Dozo that are trying to pull into the 1st tier). They don't give HUGE scholarships just b/c they think you're special. They do it because they want people with high numbers that will help them in the rankings game. And I think that if you are a URM, but do not state that when explaining your huge scholarship grant, you are misleading a lot of potential applicants into thinking that they can get big money from Dozo with a 158 & 3.4. Soft factors, as the name suggests, help your application. They don't generally make it on their own.

First, I didn't volunteer my numbers.  They were requested.

Second, "you couldn't even get into Cardozo with those numbers unless you invented the polio vaccine" is an insult, both in context and in substance.  But it isn't the disdain that was so obvious in that post that made me shake my head, so much as the shameless backpeddleing we all have to endure.  What's with all the "if I'm a URM?"  You were so sure in your last post.  Dude, we're not even first years yet, don't you think it's a bit soon to stop following your convictions.

Assuming I'm a URM is fair, though, especially because I am.  I know that's a factor, but I don't know how that factor is weighed so I didn't say anything.  And most of you share my ignorance, though perhaps not my prudence or candor.  None of us are even 1Ls yet, so everything we know is pieced together from speculation and piecemeal research, so you have to expect a certain degree of crap.  I'm willing to put up with that.  I'm even willing to look past some ugliness that wasn't too far between the lines in some of the posts I read, but I really do lose patience with people who swear they have the inside track on what the admissions council for any given school is thinking.  It's too soon to start trying to speak with false authority.  I know for a fact we don't learn any of that until our second year.

And don't pretend to speak for the benefit of others.  I didn't mislead anyone in any way.  All I did was piss you off.  You're what us URMs call a "hater".

URM? Anyone care to tell me what that means?  Not that it matters, really.  The context and implication seem clear enough.

Thanks for all those "helpful" posts.  I'm taking a trip to Cardozo now to see how I like the campus.

I applied to 6 schools, all in the top 100, and all gave me scholarships.  Apparantly, some of you hang your worth on two numbers and just can't see how this could be feasible when my numbers so clearly indicate a student of lesser potential.  This might help.  How many undergrads do you know who finished with a grant record (2 grants), published an award winning thesis, and convinced the school to fund a trip to present my own research at a psych conference, to name only a few accomplishments?  I actually ran out of room on the application's "awards and honors" section. My GPA during my last 3 years is about a 3.7 (lack of direction during freshman year, detailed in my PS), and I didn't have $1500 to drop on Kaplan.  Not that I should care what some people here think, but it's gratifying to know that at least the admissions councils are able to look past those two numbers.

Thanks to all those who gave an opinion on the questions posed.

Oh, and I may be 95% sure that I'm not going to SHU, but I know they want me.  And I plan to wait until the last possible moment and squeeze as much blood out of them as I can.  When I'm 100% sure, they'll be the second to know.

What are your numbers?

Heh.  3.4/158.

I know what you're thinking, but I have a lot of other factors to back those up.

I should also note that in either case, I'll be living with my parents in Jersey City.

But thanks for the responses so far.

But I really am struggling with this decision.  I know Cardozo will hook me up with NYC, and Rutgers has NJ.  But, what about vice-versa?  How will I fare in NJ with a Cardozo degree or in NYC with a RU degree.  The thing is, I'm not sure where I want to live and I want to know which school will maximize my options.

Man, I'm just not getting anywhere with this decision, so I'll throw it out there for anyone that might have something to say.

I originally wanted to go to Rutgers-Newark.  There were reasons for this, but let's just suffice it to say that they don't apply as strongly as they once did.  The fact that they gave me 40% tuition was pretty attractive, though, and nearly sealed the deal.  The other day, I called up St John's to female dog them out about not sending me any information at all.  The nice lady on the phone informed me that I was accepted with a full scholarship.  I forgave them their tardy response.

That same day, I emailed RU-N and told them about my scholarship.  I basically said that I want to go to RU, but I can't let a full scholarship slide.  They told me to hold off for a week.  I'm being considered for a scholarship that covers full tuition (for 2 years) plus a 15K stipend.  The woman called me "a star of the psych dept".  So it's looking good there.

So Cardozo didn't give me a dime, so I sent an email to the dean telling him to withdraw my application.  Hold on there, partner, the dean says.  Don't you want to see your financial aid offer first.  Sure, why not.  They offer me 15K in scholarships and 6K is school loans (private).  Just for the hell of it, I respond with "is that the best you can do?"  Apparantly it wasn't.  They gave me a full ride, half of which is contingent on a 3.3 GPA.

Seton Hall has recently jumped into the frey with 17,500 in merit money, and they're hinting at more if I say "yes".  But they're out.  I'm really just curious to see how much they give me.

So in my mind, it's down to Cardozo and Rutgers.  St John's money comes with no strings attached, but I would rather risk it with Cardozo.  Trouble is, I don't know where I  want to be after LS.  I'm wondering if Cardozo will limit me to NYC, and if Rutgers will limit me to NJ.  Which one will give me the best options?  Suppose I want to move to, say, Boston after LS.  Which is the best choice?  Which has a better national name?  I know their respective rankings and that by itself is not enough.  Both schools have nearly identical employment stats.

They're killing me with options.  Can anyone offer any insight.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Rutgers or Seton Hall
« on: February 14, 2006, 11:03:08 AM »
Thanks for all the replies.

Barring another school throwing tons of money at me, I'm going with Rutgers.  They also offered me a scholarship (40%), placing it well below Seton Hall in terms of cost (but I have to admit that Seton Hall did flatter me with their offer).  They also reccommend that I apply for another $5K/year scholarship, which would really be sweet.

I've been doing some minor poking around and RU and Seton Hall seem pretty close NJ, with SHU having a slight edge.  But RU has a better national reputation.  If, say, I want to move to Boston or something, RU would give me a tad more clout.

I'm also a Rutgers College undergrad ('02 Psychology).  I REALLY wish the law school was in NB.  I'd be there without a second thought.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: NYLS
« on: February 14, 2006, 10:53:41 AM »
At least they had the courtesy to actually process your application and send you a reply.

Sorry.  Just venting.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Has anyone heard from...
« on: February 14, 2006, 10:52:00 AM »
I heard from NYLS a while ago.

When did you apply?


I just called NYLS and they said they screwed up.  I submitted my application 2 months ago and they accidentally marked it as incomplete.  They just placed it in front of the committee right now.  I'm pissed, but I'd be even more pissed if they were actually a serious choice.

Choosing the Right Law School / Has anyone heard from...
« on: February 14, 2006, 06:14:50 AM »
St Johns, NYLS, or Brooklyn Law School?  I've already been accepted to Cardozo as well as Rutgers and Seton Hall, both with scholarships.  NYLS should be beating down my door by now.

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