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Syracuse / Warning regarding Syracuse Law
« on: June 23, 2012, 07:03:23 PM »
In September 2011 Syracuse Law implemented a new grading policy which has mad life for the SuLaw Class of 2014 miserable.  The result of the onerous grading policy has been to lead to a record number of academic casualties for the 2014 class.  The curve sets a portion of the SU students for failure. 

In addition to the number of students that have been forced out or quit SU's Class of 2014, the new grading curve has made it difficult for students to attain the 3.0  necessary to retain scholarship money and forcing the students into greater debt than when they decided to attend.  I am told by SU Law students that the grading policy has made the school much more cut throat.

Please understand that the students you compete with in Law School also got all "A''s" and "B's" in college.

I have provided a link to the grading policy below:

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