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Incoming 1Ls / Re: Young mom needs advice!
« on: April 11, 2012, 09:29:04 AM »
If it's the only way you can get a law degree, I'd say you don't have many other options.  Either do it this way or go without a law degree.  That's really the question you need to answer for yourself:  is a law degree worth it?

Current Law Students / Re: I am really bad at making decisions
« on: April 11, 2012, 04:54:07 AM »
Trust me on this.  I'm  not trying to be an a-hole - just trying to warn you (and others) on this board of the consequences of (possibly inadvertently) listing it as "clerkship" experience.

People in every profession look down on people who play fast and loose with the terminology of the profession.  Especially when doing so inflates a person's background. 

I would think this is doubly or triply true in a profession that is, at its essence, all about the precise use of language.

Good advice.  May have come across as harsh, but not as harsh as people throwing your resume into the reject pile after every interview.

It is a bit surprising that we still see this attitude these days.

No, military JAG is hardly a last resort.  In fact, a lot of folks who thought of this as an act of desperation are going to get a cold slap in the face when they get their rejection letters.  The military may not be hiring the top 10% out of Harvard, but they absolutely are competitive.

As the other poster pointed out, look around your law school class.  Many of them are too fat, or have some health condition that would preclude them from serving. 

If anybody looks at a career that involves around 80,000 a year to start, plus a 20 year retirement, 30 days paid vacation a year and world-class benefits as "last resort", sorry, but to be blunt, that person is too stupid to practice law anywhere. 

For a select few, there are better offers out there.  For those outside the top tier and outside the top 10% of the 2nd tier and below, this is not just a good option, but probably one of the best ones you could possibly find.

Current Law Students / Re: In-House Counsel undergraduate major?
« on: April 01, 2012, 11:22:46 AM »
I plan on graduating from my school with a bs/mba in accounting through a 3+2 program.  Afterwards, attend a school for corporate law.  Would this increase my chances of one day becoming an in-house counsel or should i just stick to a regular business job after completing my J.D?

Holmes is right.  The path to be in-house counsel is to graduate at the very top of your law school class, get a job with a big firm doing something related to corporations, then after 5 years or so, you quit your $350,000 a year job to take a $130,000 a year job as in-house.  Anything else is completely irrelevant.

Transferring / Re: HELP! T3 to University of Arizona ...worth it?
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:49:14 AM »
Go ASU.  Any other advice or prevarication is meaningless.  Pick ASU.

Transferring / Re: Did you go to one of these schools and transfer up?
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:48:10 AM »
My recommendation would be Loyola N.O.  The other schools are, frankly, so bad that even being tops in your class won't be regarded as being very significant.

If you can get top 5% from LNO, then I think the world is your oyster.

As always, just my barely-informed opinion.

Law School Admissions / Re: Schools to Consider: 2.73 GPA, 172 LSAT
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:46:10 AM »
I will be applying to law schools this coming fall (for Fall 2013), and I am trying to come up with an appropriate list of schools.

As you can see from the subject, I have an abysmally low GPA (2.73). The things that I have going for me are a degree from an ivy league school, three years of work experience in a scientific field, and a good LSAT score (172).

I would appreciate any advice regarding the range of schools I should aim to apply for. In particular, I would love to get some examples of the most highly ranked schools that I should consider as reasonable reach schools and the most highly ranked schools that I should feel secure considering safety schools. I want to aim for the highest schools I can get into, but I also want to be able to count on getting in somewhere!

Seems to me the 2nd tier is where you should be focusing all your attention.  Though, it wouldn't shock me if you got admitted to something in the #40-50 range.

Go to ASU:  highly regarded school in a state with a great economy.

Draw your own conclusions about MSU and the State of Michigan.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Do I still have a chance to get into a law school?
« on: March 17, 2012, 06:46:57 AM »
Okay, I am interested in Human rights. So I want to get into top 50 lawschool.
But the problem is that I got 3.89 GPA from CC and got 3.0 from university.
I will do my best to get a good LSAT score at least 165 and above.
Do you think that I still have a good chance to get into the top 50 lawschool with these GPAs?
How does my bad gpa from university affect on the admission process?

Thank you for reading it.

Yep, I think you stand a great shot.  Go for it.

Let me start with a bit of background. I am a senior in a top undergrad business school right now. I have already signed my contract with Goldman Sachs; for the next 2 years I will be doing investment banking there. However, I think that I may want to go to law school after.

Here is the problem: my college GPA is really low, and I really want to shoot for a HLS school. My college GPA is low (about 3.65) because of only 3 semesters of poor performance. I had a medical condition that meant I couldn't really devote time to school. The other semesters are all fine with grades (lowest semester is a 3.85).

Assuming I get a really good LSAT score(I know, anything could happen, but lets just assume), like 172+, what are my chances of getting into HLS? Obviously the thing I worry the most about is my GPA hurting me. Would it be possible to overlook this fact, especially since I would have worked for 2 years at a top investment bank?

The good news is that harvard, yale and stanford tend to look at the "whole applicant" moreso than most schools who really only look at GPA and LSAT.  (They claim otherwise, but the reality of the situation says otherwise.)

The bad news is that the very top schools have a flood of people with nearly perfect LSAT and GPA scores.

However, I would ask why you want to go to HLS?  Is it because you want to be a federal judge and someday be competitive for a supreme court nomination?  Is it because you want to teach?  If those are your goals, then yes, there aren't many substitutes for a top law school... meaning THE VERY TOP.  In fact, Stanford has only put one person on the SCOTUS in recent years, and that was clearly a diversity pick.  Some things, you simply have to go to Harvard or Yale and no other path will work.

Other than the SCOTUS, you can do pretty much anything you want to do in the law by being at the top of your class.  If you graduate top 10% from any top 14 school, you'll be in the running for biglaw jobs.

Hate to bear the bad news, but I would rate your chances of Harvard as being exceptionally poor.  As in, the only way it would happen is due to an administrative error. 

The only comfort I can give is that a top rank from a top school sets you up very well for a great career in the law, outside of the supreme court and teaching.  (Increasingly, if you didn't graduate from Harvard or Yale, it is difficult to find a tenure-track teaching position, even at 4th tier schools.)

However, even that is fraught with peril because getting a high class rank is no mean feat at any school, let alone the very best schools in the country.

You've already got what appears to be a great career at an investment bank.  The country has already shown that your industry is well-connected enough that the government will ensure your profitability even if it has to destroy the entirety of the rest of the United States to do it.  I'd stay where you are, personally, but I can't know what is leading you to consider a career in the law.  If you just have to be an attorney, they obviously, only being an attorney will do.

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