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This is a good topic, and show's how little we truely see past color in this nation.

If you took an Australian Aborigionee and a blue eyed southafrican, people would call the Australian "african american" and throw stones at blondie if he did the same(even with centuries of living there and joint citizenship)

I bet whittier takes anyone that can suck air. Heck with a 51% attrition rate, they must let in the homeless just to get out of cold...... ::)

You need at least a 150 and generally 153 to get into most tier 3-4 schools. I think only Cooley and Appalachian regularly accept LSAT scores under 150.

Law School Admissions / Re: GPA improvement in last two years---3.4
« on: February 14, 2011, 10:02:48 AM »
Improvement helps. As long as you get a good LSAT, anything above a 3.0 should be fine.

In all reality even a 2.0 with a 180 would get into their choice of lawschools before a 3.9 with a 155.

I bet you are being overly harsh on yourself, VERY few do that bad.

As long as you get at least a 145 you can get into a T4 /T3 school.

If you get any lower than that, the state bar apporved/online  lawschools are your only options.

I just took the LSAT yesterday.

I am estimating a score in the 130's. It was a complete disaster.

I actually have a medical disorder called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and it started acting up halfway through the test  :D

Seriously??? + 130s LSAT... good luck buddy lol

If school X costs you $100K in debt and the other is $0, then who cares if you have to (god forbid) try a little harder to get work day one?
Even if you took a whole year off you'd still come out ahead!(no interest)

Black Law Students / Re: 2.9 GPA and 147 LSAT...
« on: February 13, 2011, 11:02:33 AM »
Honestly, those are both super low. You might get a bump due to URM, but you don't want to go in unprepared either do you?

My advise, just retake the test and take a few easy undergrad classes to raise your GPA. You can get better shots at scholarships that way too.

She meant to say n-word, but what do you expect? Based on her "proof" she probably went to community college after a GED.

Here is a reality check people, if a black lawyer who WANTS to get students to MAKE MONEY unleashes on your, it's a safe bet you did something to have it comeing. What it is we won't know, since she won't play that part of the tape. It must've been good though.

We know she has no case to go to the bar, so she posts stuff online thinking we are all as ignorant as she is and will fall for the race card when it's not even in the right deck. She even thinks it'll cost him money somehow even though this is mostly an ABA forum.

Is a typo really NOT expected?

By the way, Niger is not a racial insult. It is a country in Africa.

The second recording is her talking to the secretary about being hung on.

WTF is that supposed to prove?(dumbass)

How about this? If you insist on showing this BS online, show the ORIGIONAL recording that the other two refer to.

I had an exgirlfriend like you, she would start freaking out on the other end of the line and I wouldn't know why. It turns out she was putting on a dramaqueen show for the people around her. She was fighting with thin air since she was a PSYCHO. I get dashavue listening to you, that's for sure.


I just listened to that tape, what an IDIOT! She tells us all this BS about his "students" then claim in the recording he has none. He dosn't "consent" to the recording, he WARNS her it's being recorded, and she rants like what you'd expect someone with only a 2.0 AA and 130 LSAT to do.
She pretends to hang up on him and then cuts him off midsentence saying that Niger is not (we don't know since she cut it off to sound racial)


Please let us know how this turns out for you. Please.

If it's free go for it.

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