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General Board / Re: Attendance_Part Time & Evening Programs
« on: May 04, 2011, 12:34:00 PM »
Unlike undergraduate, law schools strictly enforce the attendance requirement.  I haven't ever heard of an ABA school that does not.  Missing class would also put you at a huge grade disadvantage to the other students, which will matter if you hope to ever get a job with your law degree. 

You might be in the position that you  have to work right now.  If so, perhaps you can put off law school for a couple of years and save money to go full time.  Or, you can get a different job that would not conflict with your class schedule.  Perhaps as a paralegal? 

Good luck to you!!

OCI gives you an idea of which markets are hiring from that school.

Jimmy is right about the caliber of students increasing with rank.  The only thing that I would add is that in some situations (for instance, where you want to live/practice) #130 could be a better choice than #60 for an individual.  And, for the person who could be at #60 the odds are better for being highly ranked in the class at #130. 

Job Search / Re: Fall Internship v. Fall Judicial Externship
« on: May 04, 2011, 12:23:31 PM »
I interned for a federal judge.  I was allowed to observe all hearings that were going on when I was present, and spent a little bit of social time with the judge.  The work was mostly reading pleadings and making notes for the judge so that he didn't have to read every word.  I did do a research project that was used in an opinion the judge published.  Out of the internship, I scored an interview with another federal judge for a clerkship and a job interview with a botique firm. 

Falcon is spot on.  Make your decision based on where you want to practice law.  See if you can find out which firms participate in OCI at each school.  That should give you an idea of where you could potentially find work from each school. 

The GPA requirements seem high, you need consider what your class rank % needs to be to keep them.  Sometimes the GPA is negotiable if you talk to admissions. 

If these are your only two choices, I would make the decision by which school you would want to pay for if you lost your scholarship.  That way, no matter what happens, you will be in the best spot.

Good luck, and let us know how it works out.

Job Search / Re: Fall Internship v. Fall Judicial Externship
« on: May 03, 2011, 12:12:30 PM »
I have done both, here are my thoughts.  As far as future employement, they are just about equal.  Many firms -- even small ones -- will keep outstanding clerks as lawyers.  If they don't, they are great contacts and will sometimes help you find work.  Judges often know a lot of people and can also help you find work.

I, personally, learned more about practicing law working in my clerkships than working for a judge.  If you need the money right now, I would lean towards mid-level firm.  UNLESS, one of the judicial internships is with a Federal Judge. 

Good luck!! 

Job Search / Re: getting into biglaw a year after graduating???
« on: May 02, 2011, 12:14:49 PM »
Another option, though not optimal given your situation, is to spend a year clerking for a judge.  Judges often hire clerks who have been out of school a while.  For you, state appellate court is a possibility.  Idk what 3.5 translates into for class rank, but if you finished top 10% with Law Review experience, you can also try some USDC's. 

Big firms aggressively recruit former clerks. 

The right school for you will depend more on where you want to live/practice law than the rankings.  Most of the schools you have listed are a stretch for you. And, they are pretty spread out.  Each region that you would want to live in has its own ranking of schools that you can figure out by researching the local firms and talking to local lawyers. 

Thank you for your service.  Ufortuantely, though, (due to the multitude of deployments over the last decade) law schools are full of students with combat/leadership experience.  So, that won't be a huge boost; but it doesn't hurt. 

Where should I go next fall? / Re: 3.7 GPA, 167 LSAT, Student Athlete
« on: April 29, 2011, 03:28:29 PM »
Law school numbers is the best place for individual school what if's.  The link is above. 

If you want to be in Atlanta, look at some big firm (the ones with international practices) websites for Atlanta associates.  You will get a flavor of where they are hiring from. 

For instance I looked at the associates from Hunton & Williams' Atlanta office.  Of 19, there were 4 from Michigan, 3 from Emory, 3 from GA State, and 2 from UVA.  90% of the associates were on Law Review.  This shows that Hunton is on the OCI at Michigan, Emory, GA State, and probably UVA and that you need to be on law review and at the top of your class regardless of school.  12/19 at Hunton come from 4 schools.   Do this same test for the other bigfirms in Atlanta, and you will get a good flavor for which schools place well in the region.   

If you are ready for the LSAT, and submit a flawless application, you should be fine. 

There are many skills that you should highlight througout your application.  You can find the skills that law schools look for in this free law school admissions article under "other factors."  Make sure your application gives evidence of the things that admissions committees are looking for, and highlight the uniqueness of your personality. 

If you do the work and get a 175+ on LSAT, I think that you will get to choose from acceptances. 

Good luck!!!

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