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I knew Chik Fil A was the isht.

Minus the $$$ factor.

But real grilling, and peanut oil for the fried stuff?  That makes my day.

Ok, remember how I have to write two, one for each major, and that I had finished my first one, on Oedipus and Mate Selection. My topic for my second one is this (it got approved today!)

          The represenatation of female lawyers in film and television and how these stereotypes contribute to the glass ceiling facing women in the modern legal profession

Yay for papers in which Legally Blonde is a source


Also, I went to the cheapish theatre to watch Over the Hedge the other day (for my five year pseudo anniversary with the SO...after going to a traveling carnival, walking around twice and finally playing an 'everybody wins' game so I could have a traditional stuffed animal from m'love...we went plastic-shark fishing, and took our time to 'cast' and sit around and chat while we waited for a bite.  It was awesome.)

But back to the point, Over the Hedge was maybe 70 minutes, so so so short, and more okay than great.

BUT, all these okay/bad movies aside, I did watch the new Pride and Prejudice last week.  Really disliked some things, really liked some things, and the story's just a nice angsty romance.  Wheee.

Please, let me advise against When a Stranger Calls.  I was surprised how much I didn't like Dark Water, too.  Bloodrayne wasn't nearly as lesbian as I was expecting, either, and completely wasted two minutes of my life at the end.

Also, I almost cried when I rewatched The Last Unicorn yesterday and didn't like it.


Yup.  Life's funny now, I'm in no rush, goals are nontrad, and I'm holding out for Yale (next year, five years from now, never).

Cool. Yale's a tough one to hold out for, since the faculty review means even people who got in one year might get bounced the next... it's quite variable in my understanding. Though this could just as easily be a good reason to shoot again, especially if you made it onto the WL...

It'd help if I finished all my classes from this year with good grades, but I'm not even sure I'll finish them all.  (Life's not funny-haha but funny-strange)

I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed about things right now, though.  I don't need a JD to do activist things, so it's not like my whole life gets placed on hold until/unless I go to law school.

i always hated the boring and easy classes most.
boring and hard came in a close second, but at least there was a challenge there

I got a Blockbusters movie pass and have been renting all the crappy movies worth less than $4 to watch.  ^_^  At least the easy class gives me free time.

(Except I should be finishing classes...Shhh.)


I can't decide which is worse:  a boring and difficult required class, or a boring and so-easy-it's-almost-hard class...

I mean, I guess it's better this way, but dayum.  I don't need to revisit middle school.

EDIT:  That was all re: kj.

it's only a four week course. :)

we're (re)learning transcription & translation now.  wooowheeee.

(kill self now)

yep, week and a half to go.

From your LSN: You got into UVA, but are not going to any school?
Yup.  Life's funny now, I'm in no rush, goals are nontrad, and I'm holding out for Yale (next year, five years from now, never).

yep, week and a half to go.

Bush's little press conference was so sick.

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