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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Tell me EVERYTHING about Pepperdine
« on: January 20, 2011, 12:31:34 PM »
Got accepted to Pepperdine Law and I'd like to know as much as I can about it.  I've done my own reading, but specifically I want to know about BigLaw prospects out of Pepperdine, and the likelihood of being able to transfer to USC, UCLA, or Berkeley after the first year at Pepperdine.

I've just been admitted to Pepperdine Law with a $15,000 scholarship each year if I stay in the top 1/3 of my class.  I'm from Boston and am considering attending, however, would like to know more about some things:

- What is the competition like within the school?  I am a pretty competitive person and am definitely looking for a BIG LAW job out of law school.  Is is extremely difficult to be in the top 10% of Pepperdine Law?
- I've read that a downfall to Pepperdine is that it is too far away from downtown L.A.  I'll have a car if I go, so how far is it actually from Malibu to the law firm area of L.A.?
- Do law students have a lot of interaction with the undergrads at Pepperdine?  I'm 21 years old (still in undergrad) and while I'm not really looking to party hard in law school, the undergrads are closer to my age.
- If I go to Pepperdine, should I live on campus or off campus?  I know the undergrad dry campus and no girls in dorm rooms after certain hours apply to law students too, but are they strictly enforced?  If you suggest that I don't live on campus, where do you suggest I live?

- I'm also accepted into the University of Colorado Boulder, and am having to choose between there and Pepperdine.  Being from Boston, I'm kind of sick of the cold, but both of my brothers will be at Boulder next year (one for undergrad and one for a grad program), so I'm having a hard time deciding.  Boulder is also a higher ranked school, but I'm scared of being stuck in Colorado for the rest of my life...

Any advice or thoughts that anyone has for me would be much appreciated.  If you are giving me advice and you are a Pepperdine or Colorado grad or current student please let me know that.


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