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$1400/month for a 4 bedroom house w/ option to buy. It is 10-15 minutes from school, work, and vegas strip. It is a nice home (1780 sqft)in a great Green Valley neighborhood (Henderson,nv). Close to schools and shopping, and some of the homes in the neighborhood are like what I would want 10+ years out of LS. I really lucked out and wouldn't have expected to find anything in this area for under 1800-2000/mo. I'll be living with wife and 3 daughters. Yeah, I decided to keep them for a while. ;)

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Conversations you can't believe you had
« on: July 25, 2006, 10:11:33 PM »
I'm sure there are a few other equally amazing stories here.

Yeah, me too. Why is everybody being so shy?

Law School Admissions / Re: №1 choice school PS
« on: July 25, 2006, 09:21:05 PM »
If it really is your first choice, you should definitely let them know. In my PS I did include a "why XXX" paragraph at the end. Each school to which I applied did have something specific that attracted me.

For my first choice (UNLV) - to which I was accepted and will be attending in < 30 days, I also called and asked for an earlier notification than they normally give. It may have been risky, but I am definitely a non-trad student and it worked for me. Not only was I accepted, but I also found out about a month earlier than I otherwise would have. I do think, however, that doing so limited my chances of receiving $$$. In fact, I received $0 scholarship and some with lower numbers received at least $omething. Nevertheless, $ was not really a concern for me. That school fit best with my life, and with my future goals. In asking for this earlier decision, I called the admissions office and was transferred to the director of admissions. I told him straight out that; I would most definitely attend if I were accepted. I told him of my personal circumstances (i.e. - an upcoming job transfer to the area, family migrating to the area, my affinity for the school, etc) In short; I guess you could say that I showed him that I would be committed to the school if they would give me a chance - without coming across as being desperate. He told me to fax him an additional letter to the effect of what I had told him.

At this school, a committee does make admission decisions, but I cannot help but think that this really did help me get in. If you are interested, I have posted my PS on a couple of blogs. (See and You can also PM me if you want to talk.


Just tell them that daddy is pushing up daisies and feeding earthworms and momma's serving time. ??? That'll get em thinking.

Just kidding.

I think you have received some excellent advice already. I suggest writing about the expereience(s) you've enjoyed that have changed your life , but try to do so, without mentioning that it was in the context of being a missionary.  Do not be ashamed of your faith, but just realize that some readers will not share it. The qualities that your missionary work has helped develop and highlighted in you are probably much of what some adcomms are looking for in potential students, but they do not necessarily need to know the specifics of how you became that way.

In my experience, 2 pages is probably about average. Each app that I completed specified the length. Some said two pages and some gave a word count. Of course, due to my personal circumstances, I only applied to four schools. Just follow the recommended length.

I wouldn't sweat the "profs have only known him for 4 months" thing. All of my LORs were written by profs that I had interacted with for even less time than that (my classes were accelerated). I had one of these writers for two classes. They all said some excellent things about me and my potential success in LS (I know this because each one volunteered to send me a copy, even though I waived my right on the LSAC LOR form).  I'm sure your husband will be fine, but he should try to connect with his profs on a level slightly higher than the minimal student-prof thing. What I mean by this is that he should show them he is worthy of their recommendation, perhaps by exerting extra effort in his assignments and class participation (without, of course, coming across as a tool to his mentors and/or classmates). If his profs like him, they'l likely be honored that he asks for an LOR. At least that's my experience.

As far as his work history (i.e. - family business), perhaps he can find a way to inject it into his personal statement. He can show (not tel) the ad comms that he was indeed the "backbone' of the family business for nearly 10 years.

Just my thoughts.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Conversations you can't believe you had
« on: July 24, 2006, 05:54:10 PM »
The "you have to learn to walk before you run" line made me laugh. I had a funny conversation with a twenty-something female co-worker just today.

Her: So, I was talking to the people at XXX (one of our customers) and they thought my name was Denver (her name is jennifer). I told my mom and YYY another co-worker and we've decided that it would be a good name for a stripper. I'm gonna call myself Denver Boulder. - (yes, she is very well endowed)

Me: Denver Boulders sounds much better.

Her: Yeah, i like that better. So anyway, I'm gonna have to stay with you a while (alluding to the fact that i am soon moving to Vegas)

Me: Okay, no problem.

Her: You know, just until I'm able to get on my back.

Me: (laughing) you know, you have to walk before you can run, so you might want to start out by getting on your knees first.

Her: (laughing) Yeah, I guess that makes sense. You really are smart.

True story, but of course it was all in jest. Strange conversation nevertheless.

I've been told by attorney friends that pretty much everybody wants to start their own firms, but most of the time reality gets in the way.

I'll buy that. I'm certain it will be extremely difficult if one carries a great deal of LS debt and/or has not established additional sources of income/savings/assests/investments to help get them through an inevitable bumpy start.

I hope to strike out on my own. I may work for a small-mid firm or perhaps a DA or PD, but my ultimate goal is to have my own gig. I'd love to meet a few other non-trads in school that are interested in doing something similar.

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