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Choosing the Right Law School / AU-WCL, here I come!
« on: April 14, 2006, 03:50:11 PM »
I'm taking a serious risk by so doing...but I turned down $$ at Pacific/McGeorge today to pay for AU out of pocket.

May be the craziest thing I've ever done in my life, but I would have been miserable in Sacramento. Anybody else hop on the AU train? And who's attending the Admitted Student's Day on the 28th?

I know I've posted this before, but this was a few months ago when I first narrowed my choices down to these two schools. I'm going to lay out my dilemma for all y'all...I obviously have to put down my seat deposit tomorrow.

I'm a homegrown Reno boy, graduated from the University of Nevada, also spent some brief 4- and 2-month stints in SoCal and D.C., respectively. As such, my roots are here. My family is here. My closest friends are here. And, to an extent, part of me wants to be a big fish in a smaller pond like Reno. Logical choice? Pacific McGeorge in Sacramento, considered a minor league affiliate of the Nevada Bar Association.

On the flipside, I don't want to be a provincial townie for life. For the last 2-3 years of undergrad, I had my heart set on heading back East to broaden my horizons. I did so to an extent working for an NPO at Dupont Circle in D.C. last summer. Now, I want to be able to say I lived and breathed the capital for 3 years, soaked up the lifestyle of the East Coast, and was able to make connections in federal politics in D.C., maybe work at the Capitol as a law intern. My mom lives in Philadelphia, my best friend in NYC, and I have a number of friends from the summer still living in the D.C. area. Plus, as a U.S. history nerd, you just can't beat D.C. Logical choice? WCL at American, with a great emphasis on public policy and federal law.

Ultimately, my career options look like they are down to two: appellate advocacy and public policy.

The pros at McGeorge are that they are offering a very handsome financial aid package ($15,000/year scholarship, the rest of C.O.A. in low-interest federal loans) and housing, I can come home to Reno on some weekends (only a 2-hour drive), I'd easily be able to land a job in Nevada when I graduate, and they have solid programs in the things I'm interested in. Moot court teams regularly win regional and national competitions against the Temples of the world, and they have a Governmental Affairs certification program in conjunction with the California State Legislature. The major con, for me, is that it's in Sacramento, a city I honestly can't see myself living in for 3 years. Actually, the thought of living in Sac is downright depressing.

The pros at American are pretty obviously stated. It's higher ranked than McGeorge. It's in a city I would LOVE to live in for 3 years. The people are friendly. The law clinics are 2nd only to GULC, the campus is beautiful, and it really is the dream school. The cons are that they are offering very little money (just a Stafford loan), cost of living in D.C./Maryland is astronomical, and I'd have to take out a sizable private loan (roughly $35K/year) to do it. I know AU would potentially limit me to the D.C. area job market upon graduation, but I'd like to obtain an A.U. education, do internships in Reno or Carson City over the summers, and then try and come back to Nevada as an AU grad.

In a nutshell, I know that practically, McGeorge would more easily get me back to Nevada if that's what I truly desire. However, I think I'd be okay with living for a few years after graduation in D.C. in order to avoid having to live in Sacramento for 3 years.

What would any of you guys advise? Seat deposits due tomorrow, and I've already got my finger on one of these buttons.

Choosing the Right Law School / AU dragging feet on financial aid
« on: April 11, 2006, 10:20:19 AM »
Hey y'all, are any other admitted AU students still awaiting notification of their financial aid package? I've called their office several times over the last few days, and they keep making promises to have a package ready, telling me to call back, and then telling me to call back again...and again...and again.

I already have serious $$ at Pacific/McGeorge (16K in scholarships, 36K in low-interest federal loans), plus housing and other benefits. Just wish A.U. would get their freakin' acts together and let me know...$$$ holding equal, I'd rather be at American.

Choosing the Right Law School / AU's clinics v. Temple's trial advocacy
« on: February 26, 2006, 07:38:05 AM »
I'm staying at my best friend's apartment in NYC after an East Coast swing to visit American, Temple, and Villanova. I'm from Nevada, and I also got into some California schools (i.e., Pacific, Loyola L.A., and San Diego) in case I want to hedge my bets and stay close to home.

Anyway, I nixed Villanova because nothing about it screamed "unique" and "you would be justified in incurring loads of debt and moving 3,000 miles away to go here". Beautiful campus in suburban West Philly on the Main Line, but no programs that I found appealing. That, and I need closer access to an urban environment.

American and Temple, on the other hand, were very intriguing. Right now, I'm trying to decide between American's clinical programs and Temple's trial advocacy, both among or at the top of the rankings nationally. I have designs on being an oral advocate, so Temple would win out there, but, unless I'm mistaken, a lot of oral advocacy training is packaged with good clinics, which would at least give some points to AU. I also have some interest in law and public policy, and maybe even dabbling in international law, which would make American appealing.

Anyway...anybody have any thoughts on the two?

Choosing the Right Law School / Weighing American v. Pacific/McGeorge
« on: January 21, 2006, 08:20:58 AM »
Hi guys, I graduated in December from the University of Nevada with a 3.4 UGPA and a 163 on my LSAT. My GPA trend over the last 3 years or so is a significant upward trend (approx. 3.86) with a double-major. I have received acceptance letters from 6 schools so far, wait-listed at one, and am waiting to hear back from others.

My top choice, American, admitted me in December only 4 days after completing my admissions file. They obviously really want me at the Washington College of Law, but they haven't made any financial aid offers yet. I also have outstanding offers from Temple as well as Pacific/McGeorge in Sacramento. These 3 are my top choices.

Here is my dilemma: all things holding equal, I'd choose American over the other 2. I desire to do public policy and government work, and I think A.U. would be an excellent fit in the nation's capital and with their outstanding public policy programs through the graduate school (potential joint degree in the making). A.U. also has the #2 clinical training program behind Georgetown and is ranked in the first tier.

However, I also desire to eventually live and practice close to home in Reno. McGeorge has a solid alumni base in Nevada, is ranked #90 in the nation overall, and has outstanding government/policy programs in connection with the California State Legislature. One of the more under-rated schools in the country, they have given me Honors at Entrance designation, are paying for my first-year books, and have offered a renewable $15,000/year scholarship.

If y'all were in my shoes, where would you go: American or McGeorge?

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