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In this thread, post various pictures from googleimages searches of random things.  Here are a few examples.

Searching "Scambled Eggs" will yield such pictures as:

General Off-Topic Board / smartphone decison
« on: April 26, 2006, 11:00:22 PM »
There was a recent thread on smartphones. but I'm too lazy to find it.  Anyway, I made my smartphone decision: I bought the tmobile MDA.  Outside of the tmobile service, this thing is kickass!  There is even a way to get cheap, backdoor internet.  I love this new phone!

Incoming 1Ls / Where should I live (Harvard/Cambridge edition)?
« on: March 31, 2006, 09:11:24 PM »
I imagine other people might want to chime in on their own situations, so I tried to make the topic broad.  That said, I really do want some specific advice from those of you who know the area.  I'm hoping that all those Boston Lovefest folks have some advice.

Here's the situation:  I will not be living in the dorms.  My girlfriend will be going to Tufts, and we'll be living together (as we have for the past year).  So, generally, should we live on the Harvard end, on the Tufts end, in Porter Square, or somewhere else?  Any particular buildings or neighborhoods?  Are there particularly good sources for apt rentals (other than craigslist)?

I'd really like the help on this one.

Law School Admissions / Ironic Timing for an NYU Furman Interview
« on: March 28, 2006, 10:28:08 AM »
So I just got an email from NYU saying that I'm a finalist for the scholarship program "to which I applied" (not specifically mentioning which one, but only one of the ones I applied to has an interview, and which one really doesn't matter anyway).  Due to circumstances with my father, I never completed the financial aid application, so they could tell me no more.  In order to win the scholarship, I have to finish the form.

The irony in the timing is that they will probably receive my withdrawal today (sent yesterday morning).  I am such a big NYU fan that I thought a chance for one of these scholarships would pull me away from H or Y, but now personal reasons make New York impossible.  So it goes.

General Off-Topic Board / Dead Hard Drive on my laptop - What to do?
« on: March 16, 2006, 12:42:38 PM »
So my laptop's hard drive died today.  Here are the details of the situation.  The laptop is two years old, an acer travelmate 290.  It has intel centrino, pentium M, etc.  The ram is weak, and I was planning to upgrade that.  The screen is pretty decent sized (I forget...14.1?), but it is a bit bulky.

The hard drive (crappy 30G anyway) died today (there goes THAT data).  There is no hope for recovery.  I was considering a new laptop for law school, anyway.  I can buy a replacement drive for less than $200 and upgrade the RAM, or I can buy a replacement laptop.  I have to make the decision pretty quickly, since I am without a computer.  What should I do?

General Off-Topic Board / T14 LSN vs T14 LS
« on: February 11, 2006, 05:49:03 PM »
I noticed that I've entered the T14 on LSN, which is a useless (if exciting) accomplishment.  It made me think of the famous T14.  So here are the T14 LSN users by corresponding school:

Yale - JohnGalt
Harvard - Jeb240
Stanford - pboy
Columbia - bloomich
NYU - nukelaw
Chicago - Su
Penn - Army2Law
Mich - KnockKnock
UVa - SoCalSean
NW - Brave
Cornell - LatinLord
Duke - viridianx
Boalt - madprops
Georgetown - Bass

This is an absolutely useless exercise, but the board is slow (go figure, on a Saturday night).  It's interesting to note that some seem to be leaning toward their corresponding school (e.g., JohnGalt), some higher (bloomich), and some lower (Army2Law).


Law School Admissions / TStock, HLS, and Academia
« on: January 24, 2006, 09:08:24 PM »
So TStock updated the blog with this:

There are a few interesting smaller points.

1) "I look for evidence of serious scholarship as I read applications"
This is probably going to annoy people.  I'm sorry.  But if it's serious scholarship you are interested in, then wouldn't a law review article merit at least a phone call?

2) "many of you have noticed that I ask about that senior thesis in my phone calls"
Ok, so there are two ways to read the "notice" in the sentence.  He could mean that he has asked about the thesis in phone calls, which applicants obviously noticed.  But he could also mean that people have noticed in the sense that they have been talking, for example, on LSD about how he asked about the honors thesis.  Any chance that that's what he means?

3) "The faculty and administration of Harvard Law School are committed to developing the next generation of legal scholars and academics"
Do you think that this, which is representative of the whole entry, is just an advertisement trying to woo people away from Yale?  If so, I count this as blog entry number three in this vein.  The academia and competition posts would be indirect, and then there's the campfire one.

If we can interpret these three entries as trying to make Harvard look better than Yale, what do you think about this?  I see the blog as a source of information about specific programs at H, or as stated, "to make the admissions process at Harvard Law School more transparent."

Interested in thoughts on this post.

It isn't as prestigious as that liberty place.


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