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I really don't understand this either. I'm a Democrat and I was very disappointed when the Conservatives took over the House because this guarantees that Obama will either concede or achieve nothing. Guess it's all that donkey attitude rubbing off on us. We're stubborn and don't want to get along. Ha, I'm talking trash about my own party. Lol, I'm so self-depriciating.

I'm black and I do not hate Koreans. I think that the reason why that happened was because the black community was fed up with all the mess that was happening to them and they took it out on whoever was there, which just happened to be Koreans. Honestly, I feel that most some blacks are too busy hating the White Man to hate Koreans. A lot of blacks talk about how the "White Man" brings them down, as if they're some kind of supervillian. Yes, I realize that blacks do have a lot of social disadvantages that were brought upon them because of racism, but at the end of the day it's your life and you can still reach even a remote amount of success. Anyway, don't sweat the Korean issue. It's just the blacks trying to reciprocate the hate (lol) even to people that did nothing to them.

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