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I think the UC Davis Adcomm is just plain sadistic. I figured they would have rejected me as soon as my file was complete, but instead they toy with my emotions by asking for fall transcripts, then let me stew for another month. Now it looks like they want unofficial winter I have deposits I need to put down with more realistic schools! Stop torturing me! Or, don't...I'm just kidding UC Davis, if you're reading this...I love you. Please don't leave me.  :'(

Think an optional essay on borderline personality traits in law school applicants would get me anywhere?

still pending at the 3 schools i applied to. i'm starting to think that i'll be rejected/waitlisted by all of them.

Welcome to my world, pal. I've been getting waitlisted for weeks.

Heard from another school today and (JOY O JOY) they'll let me know if I'm in after May 1, and if not then by June 1, and if not then by July 1. *sigh*
Time to go back to freaking out. Anyone else need a drink?

Yay another letter!

And another wait listing  :-\. I've now heard from four schools and have received only one real decision. I know I'm supposed to be positive about not being rejected anywhere, but I am getting seriously antsy here. That leaves only one top 3 choice remaining and I get a feeling I know what my decision there will be. I should just move all my schools to the "draw" category now.

Gotta say Hofstra there. Hofstra has been moving up the past couple years and is now tier 2, its located in the city and places well on Long Island, and median salary for its graduates is higher than all the rest except NYL, but it is outragously expensive for such a low ranked school. AJ is right that there are a lot of schools in NYC and many that rank higher, but there are plenty that rank lower too. Also, over all I'd say any NYC school is better than an non-NYC New York school *if* you want to practice big law in the city.

Another week gone by and, though I enjoy the company on this thread, I am unfortunately still posting here. *sigh*

Yes it is! Just like you said, I feel like my luck is wearing thin. I just hope it can stay with me long enough to get into one of my top choices. That way even if I end up going with the money over my initial desires I can feel like I made a decision rather than had one forced on me.  :-\

Waiting on 5... specifically my top 3.  :-[

Best of luck and keep us posted on what you thought of Duq.

1 more down! 5 more to go not including my WLing.

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