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Law School Applications / Re: 2.7 undergrad GPA 3.4 MS and 3.7 PhD LSAT 142
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:17:02 AM »
You could do that, just don't call it a "law" firm unless you have at least one guy with a JD in there "Agent" (its a silly name game but they like to enforce it) as for prepping for it, they offer prep courses I believe Kaplan and  Barbri have some but if not others do for sure.

As for weekend classes, you can go as slow as one day a week(saturday or sunday) and be done in 5 years(or faster if you wish) at    People will talkshit but you'd be doing a lawyers job each day while attending.

If you have enough Accounting electives you could sit the CPA exam too before getting the full JD which would let you do some(albeit not everything) in taxcourt also.;_ylt=Al5TBNmEq4Q94Z47uSHR2RmbvZx4?p=patent+bar+prep&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701-1

Here is a list of patent bar preps that may help also. Let me know if it does.

I'm not going to do the legwork for you, but yeah there was a shitload of those crybabies all over the news about the years back(albeit mostly MBA's) don't you remember that crybaby who stood out was a sign on him passing out resumes in a suit in NY for over a year before Donald Trump ended up hiring him(or some other media hungry rich guy)?

I get it, your school is Jesus and everyone else is just Magdalin gettin'did by him behind the pue, etc,etc.........

ok. I was saying to move here immediatly after getting licensed so it wouldnt be bad career wise, but its your life.
You do know that lots of US attorneys never set foot in a US classroom though right?

Ha, no. Life conditions are significantly better here and you have to work 10 times harder in Chile. Plus, we like it here, and we want to keep our family in the US for now, unless some extraordinarily good offer in Chile would come along (doubtful), we won't move back. Even with certain advantages in Chile (cheaper tuition, my father being an attorney and owning a lawfirm) I still think I'm better off career-wise here in the US.

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Military
« on: December 21, 2010, 09:56:37 AM »
God bless our troops, if someone is not a veteran and dosn't have a disability that barred service they shouldn't be allowed to vote run or hold public office!

As for Afganistan, we'll never leave. Iraq eventually, but not Afganistan. If we do it'll just revert back in the next day the way it did after we "won" in Somalia. The troops are doing the best that anyone could, but even the best pilot can't keep a plane in the air after everyone parashoots out and it runs out of gas........

let's wish good luck to the soldiers , they are nearing the end in Afghanistan.
Read this ;

US, Afghans Sweep Taliban Stronghold

MARJAH, Afghanistan - Thousands of U.S. Marines and Afghan soldiers stormed the Taliban stronghold of Marjah by air and ground Saturday, meeting only scattered resistance but facing a daunting thicket of bombs and booby traps that slowed the allied advance through the town.

The massive offensive was aimed at establishing Afghan government authority over the biggest southern town under militant control and breaking the Taliban grip over a wide area of their southern heartland.

Maj. Gen. Nick Carter, NATO commander of forces in southern Afghanistan, said Afghan and coalition troops, aided by 60 helicopters, made a "successful insertion" into Marjah in southern Helmand province. He said the operation was going "without a hitch."

Thousands of British, U.S. and Canadian troops also swept into Taliban areas to the north of Marjah, seeking to clear a wide swath of villages that had been under Taliban control for several years.

No coalition casualties had been reported more than 12 hours after the initial airborne assault, but NATO said three U.S. soldiers were killed Saturday in a bombing elsewhere in southern Afghanistan.

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Law School Applications / Re: 2.7 undergrad GPA 3.4 MS and 3.7 PhD LSAT 142
« on: December 21, 2010, 09:52:17 AM »
Nothing wrong with getting the JD, BUT you express an interest in IP, interesting thing is that lawschool does NOT repeat NOT allow you get licensed to practice in patent law, it just dosn't.

BUT, ironicly even a BA in a science field without a single day in lawschool DOES qualify you to take the patent bar, you'd just have to call yourself a "Patent Agent" without the JD. Those called "Patent Attorneys" have both degrees but do the exact same job for their clients. I'd start with the degree you have and be an agent in IP, if you like it then you could stop right there. If you did that and then wanted to other areas of law you can always get the JD latter too. Have you considered being a patent agent during the week and a part time lawstudent on weekends?

I respect the idea of getting it done faster, but why is it "not possible"?
Are you in exile?

not possible, plus I want to practice here and be done with it in 3 years, not 6.

what have your practice scores been so far? Those aren't a promise of a simular score on the real exam, but a good place to start. How may practice ones have you done? What is your average score range? You can normally get a newer used one from a used book store for pretty cheap.

Have you considered getting your degree and license down there and then transfer into the US? You'd have to check with the ABA, but they allow that for a lot of degrees in other nations especially if licensed before you try to transfer to the states.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Just took my first LSAT Practice
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:27:03 PM »
You'll probally be ok, but that practice test sounds dusty as hell, it might not "hurt" you, but it won't hurt you in an even better way to go to the used book store and buy a dirtcheap lightly used lsat prep book for ten bucks which is only one or two years old. Thats my advise.

Law School Applications / Re: 2.7 undergrad GPA 3.4 MS and 3.7 PhD LSAT 142
« on: December 20, 2010, 06:24:17 PM »
Am I reading this right, you have a phd and still want to go to lawschool? What was your PHD in and why can't you use that as a career?

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