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Mr. Stock seemed to make it clear that getting this call was a good thing. But I guess he doesn't have the ultimate decision. Although I hope this isn't the case, it would be funny if the committee told him "Actually you know what... no" on one of his phone call interviewees.

I'm optimistic though. Something he said gave me the impression that the turnaround on a decision could be in a week. But don't quote me.

P.S. Congrats to all who are getting acceptances. Hope I'll be one of them soon  :)

After months of lurking, thought I'd finally chime in.

Got the e-mail from Toby this past Saturday (11/07). He left a message on Tuesday and I finally got to talk to him today. I think it went all right.

My numbers aren't Harvard-caliber so I'm not sure what the interview meant. Anyway, I guess I'm joining the rest of you to see what happens :-)

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