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Thanks for all of the the information.  As far as soft factors go, the only things I really have going for me are that I am a first generation college graduate (mentioned in personal statement) and I have worked for a professor in a lab for 5 semesters and will get an excellent letter of recommendation from him.

I know what you mean about hating the LSAT.  I only had like two weeks to prepare and that didn't make for a good test-taking experience.  It's too bad my LSAT is too low for Georgetown, but I want to go into International Law and I've still got a good shot at American.

Another question, does anyone know of any top tier schools that place a heavier emphasis on GPA?  I have a 3.82 from the University of Illinois with a double major which I think should help me at least a little bit, I hope.

Here's my siuation (BTW I just decided to go to law school in September so this whole process has been really rushed for me and I haven't really been able to research and prepare as much as I would have liked):

I have put all of my numbers (GPA: 3.82 and LSAT: 158) into these systems (and also used Deloggio's index numbers) and while Chiashu and the LSAC calculator are fairly similar to one another, the LSN site numbers show me having a much better chance of admittance based on the admissions from the past two years.  Are admissions standards fairly constant?

My main question is, have I applied to too many schools that are safeties/fairly easy targets, and not enough reach schools?  What would be good reach schools in the NY/DC area? (I am also interested in Chicago-area but I've already applied to all the realistic schools there)

My LSN profile is linked below, thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Law School Admissions / Re: Send updated transcript?
« on: January 11, 2006, 04:10:26 PM »
So for a slight GPA change, it seems like an update is optional. Since mine went up, though, I'll send a new transcript.

If, on the other hand my GPA went either up or down by 0.5, I think that is sometihng the law schools would require me to report.

That is how I interpreted it as well.  Unfortunately, my GPA went down by about .03 so I don't plan on sending an updated transcript unless it is requested.

Law School Admissions / Re: Send updated transcript?
« on: January 11, 2006, 03:43:30 PM »
All the applications I submitted stated that it's my responsibility to inform the school if any of the information included in my application were to change.

I read that on all of my signature pages as well, but it is kind of ambiguous because I don't think they really want to know if I am applying to an additional school that I didn't initially indicate.  That is why I starting searching the web, however I don't think my opinion is that relevant so I would check with your pre-law advisor. 

The way I figured it, they would ask for the grades if they needed them in the decision process, and most schools simply state that upon enrollment you need a transcript with certification that you have graduated, and none ever mention having to specifically send in Fall grades.

Law School Admissions / Re: Send updated transcript?
« on: January 11, 2006, 12:49:04 PM »
The impression that I have gotten from various law school FAQs about sending Fall grades is that unless they are specifically requested by the school you should send an updated transcript if your grades have improved, but not send one if your grades have gone down.

Here is an example, from the UK law website:

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