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Stop procrastinating and get back to writing your brief.

only when you stop procrastinating and reading threads

loyola AND pepperdine over usd. very bold. but i guess you really  <3 LA

I would pick:






in this order which does not necessarily reflect the rankings

I just got accepted to USD PT today!!! I still can't believe it, I thought I was just pissing away $50 for a one page rejection letter.  Boy is it nice to be proved wrong  ;D

I still don't know if I will go there yet though. It's really expensive and I still have a few more schools that I am waiting to hear back from (Arizona State mainly).  USD is going to be VERY hard to turn down though.

But to all the current USD students;
-How do you like the school?  Are you happy you chose USD?   
-How much do you guys pay for rent?  Are there apartments located close to the campus?  I have been out of school and working for the past year and I have a pretty good amount of furniture built up, too much for on campus housing I think, but I would still like to be close to campus if at all possible (walking distance would be best).
-How are the teachers?  I read somewhere that the staff at USD is ranked 22nd in the nation.  Do you guys agree with that ranking?

Thanks so much for answering our questions!!  I will buy all you guys a beer when I get out there =).


little known fact that is widely abused if you want to get into ft. tell the school now in a letter to the adcomm that yo are emphatic about switching to the ft section. they will say no. but over the summer write another letter, and come fall they will switch you over.

yes yes yes! we all lurking somewhere. and sno is right, the school is very pretty in its on way, and the people are very friendly. well mostly, until the crazy ones get boy crazy.

Yes, watch out when he gets boy crazy, that's when all hell breaks loose.

you son of a female dog.

yes yes yes! we all lurking somewhere. and sno is right, the school is very pretty in its on way, and the people are very friendly. well mostly, until the crazy ones get boy crazy.

Congrats on your acceptance!  I know you were anxious about it.  I'm still in the indecidion boat.  Torn between staying in NYC or taking a risk in CA.  I was thinking about their admitted students weekend as well but I sure wish the school offered money to help you visit.

Thanks!  Granted I haven't heard back from any of the NYC schools I'd go to, I assume I'll get into at least one and will be in a similar situation.

Then I look at this and say it's not much of a decision...  :D

But in all seriousness, the prospect of moving across the country away from all of my friends and family, completely alone is scary as hell.  However, it just might be too good an opportunity to pass up...

Yeah, Fordham looks extremely unappealing compared to the San Diego beaches.

i just want to wait for sno to comment on the picture on the right before i say anything. i mean just wow, angles are everything.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: preparing for LS?
« on: January 10, 2007, 09:26:37 PM »
there is nothing you can really do to prep for law school, every program or book out there just feeds on your insecurities. they teach you how to breif and probably use lexis and westlaw. but after about a week, all the advantage is taken away as everyone else learns what those programs taught and create their own study habits. i will say  in my section hardly anyone briefed after 5 or 6 weeks of school, and we all developed/learned our own tricks. relax, bc it gets very bad very fast.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: 3.0 and 152 worth trying?
« on: January 03, 2007, 09:58:57 PM »
i absolutely agree. this cannot be said enough, but your lsat score has no correlation whatsoever with your law school success. apply anywhere you want bc the whole app process is an unwieldly beast and you never know what will happen.

Yes definitely. This board is full of overachieving people that wouldn't dream of going to a T3 or T4 but imagine if people decided not to go to college because they couldn't get into a top school. You would think they were ridiculous. My boss the COO of a huge corporation (with over 1000) employees went to a T4 and is probably one of the smartest and most respected people of anyone i have ever met. She is the reason that I am still applying to law school though previously  i wouldn't go unless it was a tier 1 or 2.  People on this board are wannabe lawyers NOT lawyers. What do they know? There are lots of lawers who go to "bad" schools and do very well professionally just as there are lots of lawyers that go to good schools and just can't cut it. We all have a friend who is brilliant, got straight A's and can't make an argument to save their life and we all know the person who barely passed school, but yet we believe every word that comes out of their mouth.

i dont know if i agree if the above post, but ill say it read genuine , and the poster seems nice enough. as for your numbers, my best advice is to retake the lsat and see what happens. If not, apply anywhere you want. it is your perrogative and no one has the right to berate your choice of schools. you may get in. stranger things have happened. I'm a non URM 1L at ft usd law and i got in with a 148 with no strings attacthed like going through some cleo program or head start deal. I even got a bit of money. i dont believe there was anything spectacular about my gpa, my LOR's, or PS. so i think its all really a crapshoot, these adcomms are all wonky anyways. i am not suggesting that i am the norm, but i think your case is not as dire or outrageous as it seems, and who knows...if those LOR's are as good as you say they are i can only reply: 'why not?'

it makes me warm inside knowing there are people just as bitter and petty as i am :)

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