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I start law school this fall. 

well good luck. i used this board before i started law school 2 years ago...turns out most the stuff on here is BS.

last year. you must be a 1L?

well what do you think of our rankings? think we'll be back to 65ish this year or does the slide continue

i dont think it was posters that won it for us lol. its what we had to say. but hopefully the posters showed we were having a good time.

only one of us won a seat on the honor was a good run.

well you're speaking to one of them right now.

Let us not forget the orange party. They were truly a movement that fed off the collective anger of the student body. FEAR NO ONE! NO SURRENDER!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: California Western
« on: March 05, 2008, 04:35:29 PM »
i have a friend at CA Western who affirms this is more or less true.  She is top 10% and has a decent clerkship lined up post-graduation. She was there on full tuition scholarship though, I would seriously reconsider if you are not there on full tuition.

I have not applied, I was just asking, trying to find out some background information.

I plan to work my ass off in law school, so the whole top 1/3rd of your class at some institutions to transfer to other schools does not scare me. The LSAT scared me, haha, I'm better at actual school.

Thanks for the info guys/gals.

As a USD 2L i would advise you strongly to go to USD if you want to work in SD, and Loyola if you plan on working in LA and dont get into UCLA or USC. Transferring is very difficult, we all expect to be in the top 1/3, but you will have very smart colleagues and 2/3 of your class will be very disappointed. If your grades and lsat arent that good, I would consider USD PT and then transferring to day. Once you are at cal western, the chances of transferring to USD are not as great as already being there PT and transferring your second year.

You look great in your avatar so that plan sounds good to me. When shall we meet? Do I get extra point for being born in Russia?

Jesus dude, are you serious?  I saw that picture and had to check that I didn't turn into stone.  Evidently, MAC had a going out of business sale next to Whitesnake's barber.


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