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Yeah, I ended up noticing that like a couple of days after I posted the question up there. Guess I should've paid closer attention to the form, but it didn't help that the alert showed up on this bar that went across the top of the screen, which covered up that box, so I couldn't see it when it did show up to let me know I hadn't filled it in. Irony.

I selected the JD box, and now everything seems to work fine.

I don't check on here as often as I should, so I guess I should have come back and said something. In any case, thanks for the reply. :)

I am currently working on the Hofstra Law School Application, but every time I have been trying to save, I keep getting the following message/alert:

Your application has not been saved due to the following validation issue(s). We recommend that you correct them before you continue.

    * On page 1, Applicant Type is a field required by the law school.

ALERT: If you choose to save and continue your application without addressing these issues:

   1. fields that contain too many characters will be cut off in the application if you transmit it;
   2. fields that are required but not filled in will prevent transmission of your application.

I double-checked to make sure that I did select the Application Type as Regular Decision, and even unchecked and rechecked the box, only to have the same thing happening. I just end up clicking on "Save" anyway, and all the information is still there. I'm just afraid that this will cause problems when I want to submit the application. Has anyone else encountered this problem before, and should I be worried?

General Off-Topic Board / Not allowed to use search?
« on: September 26, 2010, 10:33:16 PM »
I'm new here, and I signed up for this forum because I am signed up to take the LSAT in October and am considering law school. I thought that I should look up some old topics before starting my own, but when I tried to search, I got this message:

"You are not allowed to search for posts in this forum."

Can somebody help?

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