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I have had a very difficult time coming up with a driving theme for my personal statement. I've had a relatively charmed life with no true traditional adversity or life-changing experiences. However, I have been a stutterer since I was 5 and that has significantly molded me into the person I am today. I'm not talking about writing a PS that is "woe is me", but one that focuses on how my efforts to overcome stuttering have molded me into a tougher, more resilient person. I'm just not sure if the adcomm will look at it and think, "How in the world is a stutterer going to survive as an attorney?" I mean it doesn't take me 30 seconds to finish a sentence, I can definitely survive in most situations now.

If this is a terrible idea that would get me denied on the sheer hilarity of it someone please tell me now before I get going on this thing. Thanks!

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