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Where should I go next fall? / NYU vs. Univ. of Washington
« on: January 01, 2006, 11:04:18 PM »
I am older, not necessarily wiser, changing careers and going to law school.  3.86 UGPA, 171 LSAT, two Masters degrees and 10 year successful career.  I will not live / practice anywhere more than 25 miles east of I5 or south of Salinas.  I was 50/50 shot at HLS and Columbia, but due to epic six week struggle trying to get a Dean's certification from London School of Economics (any alumni who did this successfully please tell me how!) app's are still not complete and chances are dropping daily as British bureaucrats struggle to summon the energy to complete a one page form they have had for six weeks (yes, I am bitter).  Anyway, it is looking like my choice will probably be NYU or Univ. of WA.  NYU higher ranked, UW much cheaper.  For practicing in the Northwest, who recommends which and why?  Good luck to all!

HELP!!  Are there any London School of Economics alumni/alumnae on here?  I am having a &%$%^ hard time trying to get a "Dean's Certificate" from them.  I have sent the form to the Student Services centre, to the Graduate Dean, to the University of London academic registrar and to the Secretary of the department I studied in.  None of them have returned it, because none of them are "Dean of Students." (There is no bureaucrat like an English bureaucrat)  Except for this stupid form all my app's would have been complete six weeks ago.  I am about to send yet another copy to the Three Tuns and hope some random person fills it out.  Anyone who has been in this situation and found somebody to fill out the form I am going nuts and could use wisdom and guidance!!!

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