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Law School Admissions / Re: What's your undergrad school's average LSAT?
« on: January 07, 2006, 11:02:21 AM »
I really hope this is a LSDAS typo, but for my fine alma mater -- Willamette University, Salem Oregon (oldest school west of the Mississipi!) -- they list it as 031.  I am guessing that is a record low!!  And yet somehow only 28% were in the bottom 50%.

On the bright side, that means my score is 140 points higher than the school average!  Top that you east coast elitist bastards!  ;D

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: College Towns
« on: January 05, 2006, 10:25:20 PM »
Eugene Vs. Portland?

I was thinking about applying to a school in Oregon, I've heard great things but never been, any thoughts?

I grew up in Portland and it's not a college town.    Reed, wow, now there is a crazy wacky bunch sitting around trying to prove that God doesn't exist.  Bottom line, if you want a good college town in Oregon go to Eugene, lots of fun with an actual college town feel.  By the way Notre Dame sucks and the Ducks should be in the Fiesta Bownl

Yup, Portland is not a college town.  I have worked in a "suburb" of a major city that had a university (Tempe, AZ) and it definately felt like a college town so it is possible to get that feel in a major city...but that's not the case in Portland.  I've not been to Eugene but I've heard it's cool.

From a native (you can tell by the rust instead of tan):
(1) I went to grad school in Ann Arbor for 5 years.  Eugene is a lot like Ann Arbor moved to the Pacific Northwest, which means that if you are conservative you are going to think you died and are spending eternity in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert. 
(2) If you have never lived in the NW, you should consider whether you have any atavistic need to see the sun on a regular basis.  It does not really actually rain all that much here as measured in inches, but it will be gray and cloudy for weeks at a time.  When I was in Ann Arbor I could never understand why people would prefer 10 degrees and clear to 40 and cloudy/dark/rainy.  If you understand, Oregon winter may not be for you.  When I was an undergrad back in the day, I had a good friend from Maui and he used to just sit in his room and stare lifelessly into the clouds.
(3) Notre Dame beat two teams with winning records this year.  Yet somehow they are in the BCS.  Oregon always gets screwed.  Get used to it or don't come.
(4) Reed students aren't trying to prove God doesn't exist, they are trying to become God.  Obviously you've missed RenFair ... which makes the parking lot of a Grateful Dead concert look like a college Republicans meeting.

Most forms I've seen specify in the text that it is to be filled out by dean of students or something like "other administrative officer with access to your records."  Perhaps you can highlight this and emphasize the fact in a cover letter?

Good idea.  In case anyone else finds themselves in this situation -- foreign school you attended a long time ago -- Columbia and Harvard at least will also accept a form/letter from the school saying they have no way to complete the form.  Hope this helps somebody, then I will feel like it was all worth it!!! OK, not really.... Wow, maybe I am cut out to be a lawyer! 8)


The most absurd outcome I can imagine is an admissions dean slapping her forehead and saying, "I'd love to admit this person who applied in January, but I just don't have a slot because I admitted that borderline candidate who applied in September."  And yet, that's what has to happen if applying early gives an advantage for admissions.
. .

Screed, I see your point, but I am not sure this applies at T10 schools.  According to the Yale website there were 1200 people with 3.8+ UGPA and 170+ LSAT that applied and they admitted 250 or something like that.  I am guessing that more than 250 were qualified to go to their school.  So, realizing that hundreds of qualified people are not going to get in, isn't it better to be considered with 200 spots left than with 125?  That is an extreme example, but I bet the process is much different at Loyola for example just because the applicant pool is so different.

If there is anyone reading this who is applying next cycle, I would get everything done as early as you can.  I didn't get serious until I got my LSAT results Oct. 21 or so.  I figured I was fine.  Then it took a month to get letters of rec.  So I sent in all my apps at the start of December - probably should have sent them earlier instead of waiting for the letters to arrive at LSAC.  Now it is five weeks later, counting the holiday, and I still have not gotten "complete" emails, which is in a lot of ways more nerve-racking than waiting for a decision because it is something I feel should be more under my control.  Just my two cents!     
Hopefully we will both get some complete emails soon -- maybe we will go to the same school and show these young whippersnappers a thing or three! :D

Law School Admissions / Re: complete
« on: January 04, 2006, 12:08:50 AM »
This is probably a stupid question, so feel free to jump all over me, maybe the stress relief will do you good!
How do people at Law School Numbers come up with a received date?  How do you know when stuff got to the school?  I know when LSDAS sent stuff, no idea when it was received .....

At this point I don't even care about getting in it will just be a huge moral victory to somehow manage to get a "file complete" email or two!  It took me a month to get letters and my files were all sent Dec. 5 - 12, probably the worst possible time.  But the liquor store is reaping the benefits!!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: NYU vs. Univ. of Washington
« on: January 02, 2006, 06:05:49 PM »
Thanks all for the great points!  Yep, I also applied to Berkeley, just not as optimistic about getting in!  Maybe I have read too many horror stories about them only taking people from California!  And there is just the general Pacific Northwest hatred of all things Californian.... In fact, you may not know this, but there was actually a case that went before the Washington Supreme Court where a woman successfully argued that the jury had ruled against her just because they hated her for being from California!

Choosing the Right Law School / NYU vs. Univ. of Washington
« on: January 01, 2006, 08:04:18 PM »
I am older, not necessarily wiser, changing careers and going to law school.  3.86 UGPA, 171 LSAT, two Masters degrees and 10 year successful career.  I will not live / practice anywhere more than 25 miles east of I5 or south of Salinas.  I was 50/50 shot at HLS and Columbia, but due to epic six week struggle trying to get a Dean's certification from London School of Economics (any alumni who did this successfully please tell me how!) app's are still not complete and chances are dropping daily as British bureaucrats struggle to summon the energy to complete a one page form they have had for six weeks (yes, I am bitter).  Anyway, it is looking like my choice will probably be NYU or Univ. of WA.  NYU higher ranked, UW much cheaper.  For practicing in the Northwest, who recommends which and why?  Good luck to all!

HELP!!  Are there any London School of Economics alumni/alumnae on here?  I am having a &%$%^ hard time trying to get a "Dean's Certificate" from them.  I have sent the form to the Student Services centre, to the Graduate Dean, to the University of London academic registrar and to the Secretary of the department I studied in.  None of them have returned it, because none of them are "Dean of Students." (There is no bureaucrat like an English bureaucrat)  Except for this stupid form all my app's would have been complete six weeks ago.  I am about to send yet another copy to the Three Tuns and hope some random person fills it out.  Anyone who has been in this situation and found somebody to fill out the form I am going nuts and could use wisdom and guidance!!!

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