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Betwen the two listed, I'd pick LC.  However, I see that you got into NYU.  If you're considering the OOS state at WU, why not NYU?

If I were as young as you I probably would!  At my age that is a lot of money to borrow and a big change to move to NYC and/or live in a dorm.  That would be harder than law school. ;) 

Hey Artie - If you are still out there and not already down at Tracktown Pizza chomping a slice and quaffing a microbrew...

If you don't mind, what did the NYU person say about Lewis and Clark that you didn't like?  What bad experience did your friend have?

I am in the final stages of my decision making and one of my options is a full ride at Lewis and Clark.  Others are U.W. and NYU, which would be a no brainer if I were 10 years younger, but is a lot of money to borrow to live in a dorm at my age.  Plus, I am never going to settle anywhere south of Eugene or more than 20 miles east of I5.  Your thoughts as a Beaver/Duck living in NYC and working at NYU would be greatly appreciated! 

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Best US City to live in?
« on: April 21, 2006, 04:31:37 PM »
Seattle, Washington is the only city worth living in: money, culture, a thriving music and art scene, mountains, ocean, lakes, four seasons, cute neighborhoods, good schools, trustworthy elected officials, a strong economy, great coffee, the highest quality seafood. The only thing that sucks is the transportation situation: heinous.

Snowbird, you are obviously not from Seattle.  True PNW types never say anything good about the PNW because it just makes people move here.  Talk more about the rain, the traffic, the crappy sports teams.  You do NOT need to promote Seattle.  We don't need any more people - just makes the traffic worse!!!  Find a Seattle Times archieve and read Emmett Watson's old "lesser Seattle" columns - that will put you in the local spirit!!

P.S. How the heck did you get any $$$ out of U.W.!!! I am both jealous and impressed all at once!!!

Hey Pass!!!

 There is no option that will give you everything  :-\

p.s. I can't find the "1L" thread you were referring to, mind linking it here so I can find it?

p.p.s. Poker Room has been kicking the crap out of me lately, how bout you?

Dood - It was your thread about U.W.!!,58822.0.html

Maybe you can't have everything, but a full ride to NYU or even U.W. would have been close enough to make deciding a lot easier .... and I have to admit I do feel a lot more wanted at LC than UW - everytime I go to Lake Oswego I feel like a rock star and the whole admissions staff drops what they are doing to talk to me.  But, once school starts that means bupkus anyway...

I have been on vacation most of the month (went to the Masters, then to Seattle) and haven't been on Poker Room in four or five weeks.  I was just thinking today I need to win a tournament soon!!

There are some who would argue that classical ancient philosophy is all about Parmenides, and perhaps we owe the entire philosophical tradition to him.

I'm one of them.

Well, Plato's main concern is to defend Parmenidean idealism against Heraclitus and the Sophists, Sophocles and Euripides, and eventually and indirectly Lao Tze, Chung Tzu and the Buddha.  So it is a pretty fine distinction.

Not the Eastside, in the Kitsap/Olympic Penninsula/Hood Canal area.

I think anyone can eventually get used to the weather.  It shouldn't be a dealbreaker for anyone.

Duck. Hands down.

All of philosophy is a footnote to Plato.  Well, at least before Wittgenstein.

And after Plato!  ;)

Thanks for the comments Stuje!

(1) I grew up in the puget sound area, across the water from Seattle, and live in Oregon now, so the grey winters seem pretty normal to me.  It doesn't actually rain all that much, you just won't see the sun for a few weeks at a time and it freaks some people out. I don't think it should be a dealbreaker for anyone, just be prepared to deal with it.

(2) I would actually prefer to practice land use and water rights law in Portland, which you would think makes Lewis and Clark for free a no brainer, but that is a very small market segment in a market that is not big to start with.  U.W. offers more diversity and I feel like I would get a more rounded education.  I am also still having trouble turning down NYU because every couple of days I get something from one of their world-class profs or programs that makes me realize top schools really are that way for a reason!  But then I think about paying $160K to live in a dorm ...  It is a tough decision and I will keep going around and around through this weekend I am sure.

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