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Job Search / Re: Legal Councel - Partner
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:43:57 PM »
Yeah John,

Sounds REAL kosher to me.  Here's the tagline from the website:

Moms in The Money is a New York City based organization that supports mothers around the world and helps them build success for themselves and their familes.  Moms in the Money will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in today’s fast paced everchanging economy.

Just the way to keep furthering that stellar legal career!

Job Search / Re: Studying for the BAR, huge DEBT, no JOB, WHAT DO DO?
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:40:49 PM »
By the way, that same poor dude who lowered himself to join the JAG Corps (of any branch) after about 10-12 years or so service:

O-5(Lt. Colonel/Commander) 10-12
Base Pay: $81,500
BAS/BAH: $30,000 (NON-taxable)
tax advantage: $10,000

TOTAL COMPENSATION:  $122,000/year


You could then resign your commission, join the Reserve (to keep earning points for retirement), and take
that opportunity to join your hometown firm as a partner. 

Job Search / Re: Studying for the BAR, huge DEBT, no JOB, WHAT DO DO?
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:34:08 PM »
Moral of the story:

If YOU know nothing about military service, please do not put it in a negative light sight unseen.
There are benefits that many of the hungry T3/T4 3Ls should be thinking long and hard about.

A few years of JAG service could really put a dent in that debt,  some of which may be forgiven
by military service.

Job Search / Re: Studying for the BAR, huge DEBT, no JOB, WHAT DO DO?
« on: September 27, 2010, 10:30:36 PM »
For those of you in the Silver Spoon crowd who look down your noses on JAG (military service) as a fallback: "Oh my GOD!"

Here are the approximate numbers:

O-2 (beginning rank for those with only a J.D. and bar passage)/under 2 years service
Base Pay: $43,300 (taxable)
BAS/BAH allowances: $ 20,000 (approximate)
PLUS cost of living adjustments up to 25%

with tax advantage: $70,000/year

Why THAT is terrible!  Better to sit home and whine on the internet about being unemployed....watching the ticker on that
law school debt.

FYI, when I retired (after starting as a dirty, uneducated ENLISTED man) my final compensation:

Warrant Officer (CWO4) with 22 YRS service:
Base Pay: $76,000
BAS/BAH: $25,000

with tax advantage: $109,000/year

Now I have to make due with making only $35K or so in annual retirement pay (which started at age 42).
Oh yeah...forgot about that fully paid BA degree, along with fully paid 1L with $18,000 stipend.


What?  No takers here?

I was thinking of having USNWR lead off the new "Tier 6" rankings with this outstanding institution...



That sounds like a common-sense way to approach the problem.  As a non-trad (with paralegal experience), I am absolutely geared toward practical clinical and clerking experience, should those opportunities become available to me in LS.

As for now, 0L status is my wonderful position, LOL.


Quit.  I'm startin' ta get that gospel feelin.  AMENNNNNNNN.

When will people realize that a loser is a loser, whether they be degreed or not?  What is my definition of a loser?  Exactly what Bigs said.  Quit yer bitchin and finger pointing and get OUT there.  Nothing wrong with you volunteering to do some Pro Bono work for the community, since you're ostensibly UNEMPLOYED anyway.  Who knows? You may even meet someone that could help you in your career.

OH...SORRY.  I realize that'll cut into your internet time bitchin about what a raw deal you got.

"Lets hear instead about what TO DO."


AMEN brother!


Very good point.  It would be difficult to quantify without first observing a general shift.  I concur with you that using "reading" as a backdoor entry for mediocre candidates is definitely NOT what the profession wants or needs (not that I know anything myself).

A caveat to what you quoted from me.  I really was not blowing my horn.  I am a serious weenie when compared to some of the outstanding and experienced paralegals you mentioned.  I used myself as an example of how is is really not impossible to network, even as a greenhorn,  if you are open to it.

I think many T-14 aspirants simply think the BIGLAW Tree will drop that golden apple right into their lap.  That is just becoming more and more unrealistic.  Those, like myself, who just will not make into a T-14, or maybe even a T-1 or 2 have to be VERY realistic heading into LS.....


You done SCREWED UP.  Who needs a stinkin bachelor's degree?  Why didn't you skeedaddle over to Everest and take that CSI course?  I heard they're hiring MILLIONS of people for HUNDREDS of jobs.

You idiot.


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