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Interesting takes on the law and age.  I have to say by reading my son and daughters essays (both have pretty good IQ's) and the writings of a lot of the engineers and technicians who report to me that the state of education has decreased in our country.   I doubt the younger law students will be better than the older ones. 

I say go for it.  I am 49 years old and am studying for my LSAT's right now.  I am looking at two tier 3 schools (Lincoln in SJ and JFK in Walnut Creek).  Are these the SCU? (in the Silicon Valley tech sector, SCU is the school of choice)  - of course not.

I don't think you will be the Professors "female dog" unless you want to be.  You are what you set yourself up to be. 

What type of law are you looking into? 

Choosing the Right Law School / Deciding which route to take
« on: September 12, 2010, 01:38:02 AM »
Since being a bailiff in the early 1980's, I have been interested in the law and becoming a lawyer.  Now that the kids are all grown up, I was considering a change of career.  I am currently a electrical engineer.  I have a AA in AJ, Electronics, a BS in Engineering, and an MBA.  My objective is not to become rich as I am already comfortable and at 50 years old, am not interested in that route.  I do want to help people who can't help themselves (I am not a do-gooder - just feel that people tend to get run over by the system).  Something in advocacy law, public defender, perhaps the innocence project. 

For this type of law, would a third tier law school like the Lincoln School of Law in San Jose suffice?  Anyone have any opinions as to the quality of the school?  What about the Silicon Valley School of Law (newer school) -- or GGU School of Law in SF?  I know that Berkeley, Stanford, or SCU would be better choices, but I don't want to make it a career  just getting into and completing law school.

Any advice?  Suggestions, etc? 

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