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General Off-Topic Board / Re: Breastfeeding in theaters
« on: April 29, 2006, 08:16:43 AM »

is that for me?

why r u crying?

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Breastfeeding in theaters
« on: April 29, 2006, 06:20:50 AM »
I like that idea!

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Am I a bad...
« on: April 29, 2006, 06:12:08 AM »
ohmygod, that's too funny. my favorite part is when it says the bill doesn't mention how the theater would determine if a child was being breastfed... hilarious.
seriously, people.

now, it's silly to charge a full price ticket for a child who is sitting on someone's lap or whatever anyway, but that's a different issue...

and breastfed babies can still have babysitters, btw...

It's good to know others are in the same situation-- I basically knew that I was in one geographic region to stay b/c of my three-year relationship, and sometimes it's hard, I wonder where else I could have put some energy/focus and what other opportunities may have been out there. But, it worked out well in the end. It's going to be hard, we'll be technically living together (already have for almost two years, so no change there), but he'll be commuting and spending a lot of his time about 2 hours away, b/c he brings in the bacon, so to speak, and he can't give it up to move. We worked out the best deal we could and we are just going to have to focus a lot on finding time to spend with one another. It's going to be very hard--and getting to this point had its own struggles--but we both made compromises and I think that bodes well for us down the road.

good luck to all y'all out there struggling with these decisions, it all gets so complicated as we grow up! it was so much easier when we relied on our parents to drive us to meet people and we didn't have to make independent decisions beyond what we were wearing or who thought who was cute.... sigh.

I wonder if there'll be more soon... hmmmmm.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Mixed thoughts on DC
« on: April 21, 2006, 11:32:19 AM »
I have lived in the DC area a huge chunk of my life, and I have mixed feelings about it, too.

One thing is that the metro runs much later on the weekends than the OP said, I think until about 2am, but don't quote me on that... it is later than 11:30, tho! The metro system in general is a bit of a pain, unless you plan your living situation just right, but it can be nice for getting through the city and into the close MD/VA suburbs. Otherwise getting around can be a challenge without a car.

I agree with a lot of what has been said on here, it's a very transient city and so making good, long-term friends is hard. The good thing is that people do seem to realize this fact and there are a good number of young professionals groups and activities for people to get involved in to meet people, I've gone to a few such activities and people are more friendly than they were in many other places I've lived-- might be something w/the political nature of the city, people have to be outgoing to survive, so they are in social situations, too. Of course, that means that it can be a little superficial from time to time, too.

The city is odd b/c it is so small, and for people expecting things like SF, NYC, LA, Boston, etc. might be disappointed by the size and array of activities. However, with a car, the area has a ton to offer (or by using flexcar, I have friends who use it and love it, they don't have to deal with parking in the city and they can get away when they want.) VA and MD both have beautiful places w/in one-two hours and that can be very nice when the city is too insular.

I am not a big city person and so for me it is a nice-sized city with a lot to offer. There are sketchy neighborhoods, but some nice places--and of course the history and such, museums, etc., are really great things to have!

If you don't mind a little commute, the VA and MD suburbs are both really nice, Alexandria and Arlington, and then Bethesda and Silver Spring have really revitalized recently with some great restaurants, bars, etc.

I hate the traffic and the congestion and the obnoxious attitudes I encounter from people who work on the hill and think that means they run the world--but those kinds of people are everywhere (you might just meet more of them here)--and I spent a lot of my life trying to sever all ties to the area.

But, once I moved back I realized that it does have a lot to offer and I love the beauty of the surrounds. I hope I don't live here forever, but if I did, I can think of worse things.

that's really repetitive with other posters' comments, but maybe there's a kernel in there that might help. Feel free to ask me any other ??, I have lived or have friends who have lived in at least 25 different areas w/in 30 min of the city (and in the city), so I have a good feel of a lot of the areas!

good luck!

I've lived in both SD and in the DC area, so let me know if you have specific questions about either area in general. One thing to consider is whether you want to do summer work without having to move each summer. You might find that SD's labor market is tight (that's actually the reason I decided to leave, as much as I loved it)... of course, that depends what you want to do somewhat, there are quite a few firms in the area, but some other things, like gov't or other non-firm-type work, might be harder to come by. It's just something to keep in mind--of course, in DC you'll be competing with people from the other DC, VA, and MD schools, at least, for jobs, so even though there might be quite a few, that you could have some stiff competition in the market.
Just some other things to make the decision harder... thanks, right? :)

While in a perfect world, it might be possible--DC traffic is awful. BWI is a ways away and doing anything that requires you to get into the city (like GULC) will take at least 30 min-1 hr. more than yahoo maps would say.
From DC proper, UVa is at least 2.5 hrs... and that's with no traffic on 66, which almost never happens. I am not exactly sure how you'd get down there from BWI, but I would think it would take quite a while. You are also during rush hour 6 am, roads are filling up.
I commute from Vienna to Arlington, it's about 15 miles in the VA suburbs (and about 15 min short of DC), and it takes at least 40 min. each way, just to give you an idea, and I'm not even on major roads. So, IMHO, I really don't think it's possible--it might be if everything worked perfectly, but we all know how the world works! Good luck!

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Virginia Law
« on: April 13, 2006, 04:09:40 AM »
thanks again for this!

when I was there I realized my verizon service isn't going to work, I am pretty sure Cingular works--anything else?

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Virginia Law
« on: April 11, 2006, 06:56:23 PM »
Thanks Fool for answering these questions! Once I think of any, I'll be back to ask... but so far, it's already been informative!

Ah, I do have one, how pervasive is Socratic method at UVa? I know schools have different personalities in terms of how hard-core it is, how is it there?

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