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I would love a link to other posts, as well. W&L is very high on my list and I am a small-town person (went to huge undergrad, loved it, but looking for different experience and currently live in DC area, cities wear on me) and have spent some time in the area and like it. So, I'm not too worried about the tiny atmosphere...but am worried a bit about the resources of the school. Do you have any thoughts on the school's size beyond the academics, which most people seem to think are stellar. What about career help, internships, activities, etc? I value the input of someone who is really "in the trenches" there, since I agree that a visit alone only shows you a piece of the puzzle.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: the WAIT is driving me nuts!!
« on: December 29, 2005, 06:32:20 AM »
I am in the same boat (kind of), I took the LSAT over a year ago, but wanted to work another year and was working a job with common 70+ hour weeks and just couldn't imagine working in applications... and again this year work a full time job, plus starting two businesses, so I got behind in applying and am part of the waiting game, too. I don't have a lot of advice since I haven't heard anything and know little about the process, but I can commiserate with your plight. I'll send some good karma your way  ;D

boo hoo hoo. that is even more depressing than no great miracle stories. I will choose to keep hope alive  :D

I like this thread and have no news at all yet...anyone out there have a new story? I only ask for a little miracle...something to help pass the slow days until finally something shows up in the mail...or email...sigh.

ooooh, I am so jealous! I hope they take a liking to my "soft" factors and I get a miracle :) Good luck! I think I saw you on the UVA/Northwestern question? I have lived in VA most of my life and know some people who went there for law school and everyone raves. (I'd love to get in there, too...but have similar expectations to NW, it's unlikely!) But, I'd say you're in a pretty enviable position! Congrats!

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