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Pursuing an LLM / Joint LLM in Taxation/MBA?? Is this even possible?
« on: September 12, 2010, 05:59:15 PM »
I graduated from a T1 school in 2008 and I've been working in small firm litigation ever since.  I actually try cases, I'm not doing the big firm document review.

I'm thinking seriously about getting some transactional experience going, because I can't see myself in litigation for much longer.  The constant adversarial role, your life revolving around the docket, the mindless depositions and pre-trial motion hearings are becoming a bore.

BTW, I have some knowledge of the transactional side, because prior to law school I worked as a paralegal at a mid-sized real estate transaction firm.

I was thinking of attempting a joint LLM/MBA if that is even possible.  Would it make a difference?  Long term, I would like to work for a mid-sized to large firm in the transactional group and eventually move to a much smaller boutique transactional firm.

Pursuing an LLM / less known LLMs?? How tough is admission
« on: August 30, 2010, 06:30:57 PM »
I'm interested in a Tax LLM at a non-NYU/non-GULC/non-UF/non-Miami

graduated a few years ago from T1 40's school, middle of the class, small firm litigation since law school (I've first-chaired four jury trials and second-chaired several more).

I took only one tax class, and got a C+ (median), but I've handled some tax issues as an attorney and I'm really leaning toward it as a speciality.

Any predictions? 

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