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Nah, Rutgers has a market in NY, which is admittedly competitive as crap, and its less than half as much.   Even if Dozo were ranked higher, the cost is still way too much.  Once more, don't base everything on amorphous rankings.  As much as USNWR tries to make it as simple as their bogus numbers state, it can't be.  Many more factors involved.  Making this decision based on USNWR numbers can financially cripple you for life. 

Don't retake the LSAT, man.  If you aim too high you'll never hit your mark. GL.

Online Law Schools / Re: Orly Taitz for US Senate
« on: May 19, 2012, 01:58:42 PM »
She makes some real good points. I'd vote for her and Basil Marceaux.   

Who was the guy in Tennessee who ran for both gov and the House?  Basil Marceaux (I googled "crazy who ran for TN governor"- ha).  He still wants to stop slavery at traffic stops and set up the Freeman's Agency again.

Point is, crazies run for office all the time.  Taft is just a way to discredit her because the school lacks any prestige. What would they say if she had gone to Cooley? Nothing new. 

Blame Duke for Nixon? Duke brags about Nixon.  He resigned as pres and had some obvious ethical problems, but he was far from a crazy fool.

Ha, you just said- not be silly.  You? Ha. If only Sarah Palin really would run for president.

OP- think of it this way: you can be like one of the rich people that can afford to study for the LSAT full time for 6 months to a year.  I've met them.  If you look, you can find them on LSD. They lucky and they score well.  A year and a half isn't really enough time for anything to significantly change, regardless.  Now if you said last you took the LSAT was 1990, well that's a different story, but a year or two, nah. 

into an empty mind....

lol, the idiot who would be king. I don't think she would like it.  The rest of the world leaders would have torn into her worse than they tore into Bush even though she could see Russia from her house.

Ignorance is bliss.  Why you think Palin so happy? 

UMass doesn't have a tax clinic or at least vita?  Really?  I don't know too much about tax law, but you may need a LLM anyways.  Idk there.

Does UMass have any class reciprocity with any law schools?  I would if I were them- meaning you can still take the classes if you wish.

I wouldn't say NELS's rep is a lot better- its still a low end school. GL

I know what I know because I need to know it.  But I don't let myself know what I shouldn't know.  I wouldn't be very good at my job if I let someone like me know what I know.  Therefore, I don't let myself know what I shouldn't know.   
-Michael Garibaldi

To know what you know is knowing what you know?

To know enough that you know you not know....deep.  Very zen.

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