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Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: LSAT test scores
« on: July 04, 2011, 08:36:36 PM »
Sarah is right, you have a healthy amount of enthusiasm.  Koodos. I can tell you what helped me, I am horrible at standardized test too. I'm actually diagnosed dyslexic, but I don't tell anyone so there is an unknown factor and only really is an issue under extreme stress. 

Did you take an undergrad course in Logic?  If not, try stopping the pre tests and getting an intro book to logic. A good and short starter book is Logic Made Easy by Bennett (I may have misspelled her name). Also, if you haven't already, try the power score series.  Good luck and I hope you find a way to up your score.

haus, that's kool buddy.  I was more intending to hint, nicely, to the OP that he has a ton of research to do.  Saying you want to apply to all 4-tier schools from Yale to Columbia (or whatever top 14 school he mentioned) shows a serious miss/dissunderstanding of the system.  6 schools is normal, but to apply to say 50 is $5000 in fees and somewhat aimless.  Granted $5000 is chump change considering the overall cost, but still not many of us have $5000 in disposable income lying around, hence the need for a strategy. There are schools that no one should go to based on accreditation, location, employment, cost just to name a few important factors. Why waste resources (money) applying to schools you have no intention of going to?

I took one look at the tuition and did a double take.  Boston is great but 40k+, plus living expenses is close to 200k.  The previous poster seems to know his stuff.  Suffolk is known, locally, for "low level" blue collar part time study.  This is a stereotype and especially unfair.  I personally think it has to do with Mass not having a state school (until recently) and some of the other schools in the area being what they are.  If you want to practice in Mass, you might want to look into U of Mass, they are too new to be ABA accredited, however, but I'm sure they will be in a few years.

Tulane has a good rep.  I personally like civil law, but as noted you can pick your path between common law (the rest of the US) and civil law(LA) at most, if not all LA law schools. The benefit of having a civil law (Napoleonic Law is an antiquated term btw)  state is useful because the rest of the Latin world uses civil law, and in a way LA keeps us better connected to the Latin world.  If you can get into Tulane, which is not a cake walk btw, do your research and consider it.  Why Tulane, if I can ask? Most regions of the US have schools on par with Tulane. Say hi to Carville for me if you end up going there. Does Puerto  Rico use civil law? I know there are a few US law schools there, but honestly I'm not sure what system they use.

Its all in the LSAT for the vast majority of schools.  I can't remember the formula they use, but you should be able to look it up and see how each school alters it to emphasize either grades or LSAT.  If you get a decent LSAT score, they probably won't care about your undergrad.  No one really cares about undergrad anymore.

It looks like you are planing to apply to a ton of schools.  You know it averages $80-$100 per application per school, right?  Get you score and then see what schools are in your range.  Don't just apply to all 200+ schools, plan a little. Good luck.

Its accredited and in VA.  It is in the middle of nowhere and has horrible (< 50%) 9 month post graduation employment stats.  The small town it is in started the school as an economic boost to the area rather than any need for lawyers in the area, which is weird  for a 4th tier school.  It may be the only 4th tier school that has no regional base what so ever.  You also can't transfer out because they don't give grades the first year.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Logic games books
« on: July 02, 2011, 05:11:44 PM »
Kolby's Master the LSAT is good.  I never used this one, but I heard good things about LSAT Logic Games for Dummies.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Retaking the LSAT
« on: July 02, 2011, 05:06:21 PM »
Ha, I love you Julie.  What about the Dec test?  Hardest ever?

Six years late isn't a little late, it's real late.  Anyways, I agree with you on your situation, but your speaking in terms of values not facts.  Most states "allow" the practice of law with a felony conviction.  Meaning a felony conviction is not a bar to practice, the local bar examiners make a case by case decision.  Two states have an automatic bar with a felony conviction, TX and DE (I think).

That said, it is incredibly difficult to get approved by the examiners in most states.  It is possible, however.  I'm not down with our criminal records system either, it's a way of branding people for their entire lives.  The way that used to be done, was an actual branding into the flesh. The modern way is less messy (which some people seem to think means civilized, it doesn't), but just as crippling.  People who have never been through it are quick to judge, I've noticed the same type of attitudes of vindictive ignorance when rich people criticize poor people. If your working for 8$/hr, you kind of need the 8$; regardless of your actual innocence or guilt.

Some felonies are egregious, but some things you would be amazed are felonies.  If you can't get a public defender, sell everything you own, borrow every single cent you can and hire an attorney.  A felony will ruin your life. 

One other thing, you know that any drug conviction- misdemeanor or felony- bars you from getting federal student loans.  It's messed up, I know.  One simple possession conviction and boom no college, no upward mobility, no decent job, no decent salary and the cycle continues.  So there is another round about way the system will try to bind you.

I used to work in a courthouse where so many of the defendants did not care if they were innocent or guilty, they just wanted to go home as quickly as possible.  The end result of a conviction brands you and makes your chances of succeeding in life exponentially more difficult.  Regardless, good luck.


Someone really should congradulate Cooley; they went from #12 in their own rankings up to #2 beat only by Harvard.

Take that Princton, Yale,etc,etc....... 8)

I've heard about the Cooley list, but honestly thought it was a joke. Wow what were they thinking?  If you read the article they shift from percentages to actual numbers to make Cooley look better to someone not paying attention or a little slow.  They are the Fox News of law school rankings.  Marvelously absurd.  Cheers Cooley.

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