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Good luck tito. Like the rest of the posters I doubt your online degree will be a problem, that doesn't mean it is an asset though.  Have you taken the LSAT yet?  While your online degree probably won't be a problem (i.e bar), the field is still very competitive.  You'll need a killer LSAT score. Aiming Tier 1 and 2 is ambitious for everyone, including people who got their Bachelor's brick and mortar Ivy style.  I wish you well.

All I meant was his career past, unless he was a legal secretary or something in the Marines, is irrelevant to law school.  Will an admissions board look upon it differently than any other job, say a fire fighter or police officer?  You may think it is cool, but has no bearing on the law, unless like I said he worked in military law while he was in the military.

I'm not trying to put anyone down, just looking at the facts.  Because you want it to be a relevant factor is not enough to make it a relevant factor.  OP, by all means try, but don't think because you were in the military you have a leg up in law school.  That is a logical fallacy.  With your numbers you don't need soft factors like that anyways. 170 on the LSAT is enough alone to get you into a decent school.  Good luck.

It amazes me how fast and easily these threads get off track.  I was a paralegal too.  Didn't pay too well and the poop always falls downward.

But on to the topic at hand:  Tommy J being sued.  Frivolous, maybe, but addressing the proliferation of law schools and their respective attitudes to their alums is worth exploring.  There are for profit schools now.  Schools with employment stats at less the %50 and tuition rates that are skyrocketing past the prices of a decent mortgage.

Do I think online schools are the answer, well no; they are even more parasitic than the brink and mortar for profits, but bringing light to the problem may not be such a bad thing.  The air time this suit brings may benefit us all.  I'm not saying Tommy J is a bad school, btw.  I casually knew a Tommy J grad and he was fine.


Law School Transparency is a great and useful site I was unaware of before.  Thanks for linking it.

I knew Appalachian had bad numbers, but are they really that bad, holy crap?  A former student sued Thomas Jefferson and Appalachian hasn't been sued yet?  With numbers like that I'm sure a suit is somewhere in the near future.

Will you get offended if I make a blanket observation?  I hope not, because I'm going to do it.  Broadly speaking, there are quite a few law schools in NY.  Even so, your chances are much better coming out of Pace.  What kind of regional draw does Charlotte have?  Your looking at it macro, not micro.  Charlotte has fewer resources like OCI, alum base and regional recognition than Pace, yes NY has more schools overall, but there is more to it than broad demographics to consider. Plus, isn't Charlotte a for profit school?  As the above poster said, your chances of keeping you scholarship aren't good.  I hope you didn't make a mistake and have a hard time finding a job when you get out of Charlotte.  I don't know the stats for either school, but I would guess Pace has much better employment stats vs Charlotte. Good luck.

Yes, that means she can only practice in the state, unless AL has reciprocity with other states then she may have more options down the road.  Each state is different when it comes to non ABA schools and only a few states accredit law schools themselves, rather than go solely with ABA accreditation.  I was always told to avoid non ABA schools, but I have met some successful attorneys who went to non ABAs. It's an interesting quirk.

Why are people here focusing on the military?  Your scores are stellar, close to the top %1.  With top %1 scores you can go wherever you want. Military service isn't too relevant, unless you want to practice law in the military.  In that case, you do need to do some research on schools connected to the military. Otherwise, I am failing to see a connection.

haus, that's kool buddy.  I was more intending to hint, nicely, to the OP that he has a ton of research to do.  Saying you want to apply to all 4-tier schools from Yale to Columbia (or whatever top 14 school he mentioned) shows a serious miss/dissunderstanding of the system.  6 schools is normal, but to apply to say 50 is $5000 in fees and somewhat aimless.  Granted $5000 is chump change considering the overall cost, but still not many of us have $5000 in disposable income lying around, hence the need for a strategy. There are schools that no one should go to based on accreditation, location, employment, cost just to name a few important factors. Why waste resources (money) applying to schools you have no intention of going to?

I took one look at the tuition and did a double take.  Boston is great but 40k+, plus living expenses is close to 200k.  The previous poster seems to know his stuff.  Suffolk is known, locally, for "low level" blue collar part time study.  This is a stereotype and especially unfair.  I personally think it has to do with Mass not having a state school (until recently) and some of the other schools in the area being what they are.  If you want to practice in Mass, you might want to look into U of Mass, they are too new to be ABA accredited, however, but I'm sure they will be in a few years.

Tulane has a good rep.  I personally like civil law, but as noted you can pick your path between common law (the rest of the US) and civil law(LA) at most, if not all LA law schools. The benefit of having a civil law (Napoleonic Law is an antiquated term btw)  state is useful because the rest of the Latin world uses civil law, and in a way LA keeps us better connected to the Latin world.  If you can get into Tulane, which is not a cake walk btw, do your research and consider it.  Why Tulane, if I can ask? Most regions of the US have schools on par with Tulane. Say hi to Carville for me if you end up going there. Does Puerto  Rico use civil law? I know there are a few US law schools there, but honestly I'm not sure what system they use.

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