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I totally agree with you Jimmy.  That's not to say MI doesn't have its upsides.  The state parks and nature in MI is beautiful.  Hunters from all over the Americas go there for the hunting and camping.  I think tourism will be their new top industry.

I will say I love the sun, love the heat and love the water, but when I was considering moving to FL the one thing that bothered me was the lack of seasons.  Change is good, no change is boring. 

That said, biz is biz; work is work.  MI will have a rough go of it for at least the next 10 years, if not the next 20.  I can't imagine trying to start off in law there, the judicial infrastructure is crumbling along with everything else.  I do know people moving back there though, so maybe its not as bleak as we think it is.

Maybe we're both wrong though, pslaw probably has a more inclusive perspective.     

not mock handicapped.

Doubtful. A different kind of cleverness, not a handicap.  Even if you want it to be  :-X

Black Law Student Discussion Board / Re: THIS BOARD IS DEAD.
« on: August 12, 2011, 01:27:52 PM »
thank you aspiring.... I am also a African American Male 24 years old

The new side of LSD:  LSD, the dating site-  Where young singles can find happiness. I'm Latin, male, 28 and open to......

Sorry guys I couldn't resist.

Seriously now, back to trying to help you- The Law School Project is designed to help AA students get into law school.  I'll admit I'm not big on the exclusiveness aspect, but helping anyone is a good thing.  I have no personal experience with them, but did a little research.  They offer a LAST/Application boot camp.

I have no idea what Bluewarrior is talking about.  Trying to pick a fight maybe?  Doesn't make any sense. I think him and Julie Fern might be the same person..

If I were you I would choose Howard because of its proximity to DC, amongst other reasons, but that's the big one.  DC is one of, if not the best place for law students and new law school grads in the nation.

That said, I am not you.  Looks like you have already made up your mind.  I've heard good things about NCCU, but the location does not even come close to providing all of the opportunities you'll get in the DC metro area, not even a little bit.  Good luck.

Law School Applications / Re: Can I get into Harvard?
« on: August 12, 2011, 11:45:17 AM »
There is nothing to take into consideration.  The standard is a 4.0 scale.  Some schools use funky systems that go higher.  Some school don't even give grades, well I know of at least one that only issues degrees- no GPAs.  Those are the school where the LSAC has to make special considerations.  You're fine with a 4.0 weighted GPA.  Anything over a 3.5 is considered very good.  Anything below a 3.0 and you're in trouble without a kick ass LSAT. gives you an idea of what LSATs and UGPAs different law schools are looking for, everything is on a 4.0 scale.

I think the average formula for GPA to LSAT is 1 to 3, respectfully (way over simplified).  Schools change the weight given to each however they want.  Most school value the LSAT much more than the UGPA.  In a school like Harvard though, everyone's LSAT is so high that the GPA carries more weight.  The OP has a decent shot at Harvard, but the poster who mentioned the free ride she would probably get from some other schools in the area has a very good point.  Debt free law school education, pretty nice.

First, I want to say you probably know FL and MI better then I do.  I have friends in FL, go there now and again, almost took a job there, but I have never lived there.  I've been to MI too.  MI is falling apart.  People, and even law schools are fleeing the state in droves.  The state will be forced to reinvent itself, like PA had to do in the 80s.  It will take decades and won't be easy.  I can't think of a worse place to start off a legal career, maybe NV, but even they are coming back.

Do you really thin MI has a better economic situation, i.e. job outlook, than FL? 

Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Are CBA schools a joke?
« on: August 11, 2011, 10:11:17 PM »
Your first interpretation was correct. Generally, you can transfer from a non ABA to an ABA.  There are credit limits.  Is that so hard for you to understand?  It is not that different than transferring from a T4 to a T1, conceptually.

I noticed a few quotes from specific schools.  Apologies, I stopped reading when I saw a NY then FL schools.

Not all states have non ABA schools, in fact the vast majority do not.  FL, nope.  NY, nope.  A school in a state that has no state accredited (non ABA) schools can't very well accept state accredited transfer students. The OP is  looking into CA schools.  CA allows, and has a bunch of non ABAs.  You are right he will have to look up individual schools, but per ABA rules it is permissible.  Per state bar examiner rules it varies.  Per school it varies.

Depending on where you are, sure its possible and done often.  You usually need a state approval system, however, for transferring from a non ABA to an ABA to be applicable.  CA has an extensive non ABA system.

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Well, I got into law school...
« on: August 11, 2011, 09:54:50 PM »
Duncanjp, follow me to the Batmobile. You are needed in: Are CBA schools a joke?  Hurry!!!

I hope you dream comes true, I really do, honestly.  It's just like undergrad, but X 10.   You graduate and think life will be cake and then end up taking a job that is half of what you expected. 

PD jobs are, unexpectedly, competitive.  So are military JAG jobs.  New grads want the massive experience provided by both.  Neither are, by no means, a sure thing.  The top ten grad I mentioned, I'll say it again- top ten percent of her class, is getting passed over at Legal Aid. The full time opening went to someone else.

I don't know the FL legal market.  I suspect all these law schools are popping up because of corporate job openings.  Corporate jobs are "big law" and the hardest to get.  If you are at Cooley now, and not Canadian,  it might be worth you while to study in FL.  I love St. Pete, such a fun city :)

I'm not at all trying to be mean or disrespectful, pslaw2011.  I'm guessing that you are either not in law school or a 1L.  The job market is grim, very grim.  Region matters, as does the specific school when seeking employment.  Everyone has a Bachelors.  Everyone has a JD.  Everyone is competing for a limited  number of jobs.  Everyone seems to think that employers will be beating down their door, trust me, they won't.  Hundreds of new grads apply for the same positions every year.

More speculation:  your starting at Penn State this fall.  That's good.  Penn State has an impressive draw in PA.  Just remember, Pitt, U. Penn, Temple, Vil. all do too.  Those who have a tough time finding a job have nothing wrong with them.  There are just too many of them, well too many of us.

There is something compelling and refreshing about the optimism of youth.  ;D

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