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They bought Southern New England in Dartmouth.  I had to look it up, was driving me crazy :). Western New England is still open, and your right it is in the boonies.  I don't know how their grads fair, but if I had to guess- not that well.  UMass will change the game in Mass.  I would love to hear a UMass students opinion on this btw.  I think they up for provisional accreditation either this year or next. 

If it were me btw I would pick almost any Mass school over Suffolk, including UMass.  Suffolk is crazy expensive, just crazy (I mean to the point where its funny, why not make tuition 90K a year or 200K) and they really don't employ so well prospectively.  So it costs twice as much to go there and you have half the chance of finding a decent job.  One buddy of mine, a Suffolk fan himself, said the only way to really go there is part time and to work- that's from a guy who loves Suffolk.  Good luck, regardless where you end up.

I'm not saying you're wrong at all, I agree with you.  Anything over 100K is a massive, life long investment.

Some of your bills are unnecessary and some are inflated.  Why would anyone pay $400 a month for a car unless you have money to burn, which you can't with debt.  Are you leasing a new car?  If so, you are paying way too much, both in total and monthly, unnecessarily.  $400 a month in phone and utilities?  How is that even possible?  There is no need to pay anymore than $50 a month per phone.  Are you heating a castle or something (oh and if your are using AC, why?- its the most unnecessary wasteful thing ever- just a minority opinion I know) ?  $400 in food?  You must have a large family or eat out every night.

Like I said, I agree with you.  Your point is well made, but if these are your real number, then you could easily cut your expenses in half and put more toward your loans.  Fyi.  Good luck.

Duncanjp, did you think I was being sarcastic?  I wasn't- I really can understand why someone would pick a state accredited school, depends on the school and area of course. 

I have also known at least one very successful local attorney who went to a state accredited school.  The guy has some inferiority issues that cause him to play games that well- makes him a feminine hygiene product, but that is in his own mind and has nothing to do with his school.  He seems to have gotten a decent education, even if on some level he feels inferior and is constantly trying to prove how smart he is.

You are being attacked from too many angles here.  The in house counsel angle is not as far fetched to me as to some of these other posters.  It isn't my area, but I do know enough to know that often its who you know, not what you know.  Seems like a perfectly reasonable angle to play.

Some smooth compromising (i.e. placating) rhetoric can turn this around to your favor.  I am eager to see how you play it.  :)

Does New England Law still exist?  Didn't UMASS buy the facility for the UMASS law school?  I'm trying to remember, or is New England Law a state accredited school and UMASS bought Southern New England?  There are, soon to be were, so many dinky low-grade private super expensive law schools in Mass because of the educational vacuum created by a lack of a state school.  In a decade about half of them will be gone and UMASS will be the prime mid level school for the state, just like most other states in the nation.  Suffolk will probably survive, however, its a very old school.

Did phreejazz write this and then deactivate his LSD account? Peculiar, based on his passion and desire to defend state accredited schools. The best defense is not to acknowledge the criticism I think, but to ignore it.  Otherwise the thought- "me thinks he protests too much"- creeps into everyone's mind.

I can completely understand why some people choose state accredited schools, by the way.

I was wondering:  What North Eastern state accredited schools does anyone here have experience with?  I have only met a few attorneys who went to a state accredited school and most were in the South East or Cali.  In fact, one in particular I remember as a sleazeball lawyer, but a pretty successful one.  I didn't like him personally, but he had a good rep in the area. I think there are only a hand full of states that allow state accredited schools (maybe 5 or 6). I know Mass has a few, but I don't know any details.

Ad hominem? Hmmm.  I wasn't attacking you views or your character. I'm pretty impartial to this subject, frankly.  For all you know I may agree with you.  If you like state accredited schools, well- cheers.

Language is a fun tool, often misused, over used and/or abused.  I was just saying, possibly in too harsh a way, you are over using language.  If you are using your language skills to radiate intelligence you may have over used language in this forum.  This is not really a place for verbose language and excessive use of it will back fire and radiate the opposite.  A stylistic critique or opinion on my part is not meant to be hostile and certainly not meant to be ad hominem. Personally, I got no problem with ya man.  Good luck, really.

Very nicely written.  How much time did you spend on it in a somewhat informal forum?

Current Law Students / Re: How bad of trouble am I in?
« on: July 05, 2011, 08:25:43 PM »
I knew a guy who failed C&F and was denied by the state bar because he had financial problems.  I felt sorry for him. 200K debt and no job. His hole just got deeper and deeper. Did you drop out because of this or find a solution? 

Got into another, much better school.  Thank God. Why the uncomfortable digression?  Too many digressions here already.  I am confused as to why you would digress by alienating me.  Never mind, its okay, I don't really care.  Thanks for checking up on me.

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