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Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: UMass Law
« on: August 10, 2011, 05:41:44 PM »
They had their first class start last summer, I think.  They are not ABA approved yet.  I'm hoping for a feel from the students.  What kind of internships and law clerking opportunities have opened up?  How the local legal community is accepting, or not accepting, them.  I have maxed all the research resources.  They are too new for any formal stats.

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: What are my chances?
« on: August 10, 2011, 12:50:31 PM »
Fordham is hard as crap to get into.  Look at their numbers from the ABA to get an idea what LSAT you would need.  You can also go to for a better, more detailed break down.  I'm guessing at least 165+, conservatively. The LSAC does not calculate any GPA past you first bachelor's.  It will be in your file, but they only use the first one, everything after that is considered grad school.  Speaking of, you may want to get a master's.  It won't help your UGPA, but may help you stick out.  The quality of your PS and writing ability may also be factors, good luck.

Cooley looks like a good place to get an LLM.  They say they are in the top ten nationwide using their own raking system.  Are they going to sue us here?  We need to be careful. Shhhhhhhhh. 


And with their lawsuit against bloggers and anonymous commenters they are learning about the "Striesand Effect."


Please elaborate on this.  I can think of a few applications.  What do you mean? 

700 new students?  I don't know what to say.  How can they fit in FL with FL Coastal, FL A&M, FL International (which I heard has a pretty decent program, btw), Ava Marie, and Barry- all brand new schools to FL?  Not to mention the bunch that have been there for awhile.

Cooley is opening another campus in FL.  Are you serious?  I didn't know that.  It is already, by far, the largest law school in the US.  How many new law schools does that make for FL in the past 5 years, 5?  Too fast, way too fast.

Law school has become a business.  Some don't even hide their "for profit" intentions anymore.  Did you hear about the suit against Thomas Jefferson from a former student who argues she couldn't find a job?  Thomas Jefferson, isn't even that bad of a school in terms of employment. 

There are ABA schools out there with less then %50 employment.   In one thread (somewhere on LSD, I can't remember where) an OP asked about Appalachian School of Law.  Another poster posted a link to the school's stats, %40 weren't reported and of the %60 percent that were, less than %50 were employed.  The school openly states that its intentions in opening was to save the town it is in and not to train and supply lawyers.  A prime example, showing the consequences of your point.  I think I even said, how can anyone sue Tommy J and not sue Appalachian.  That school must have thousands of unemployed alums, fricking thousands.

Very well put and true, Hamilton.  I was not arguing for a spartan existence, however.  The assumption I was is way too extreme. I was only saying: many expenses are unnecessary and/or have more affordable choices that work just as well.  Being informative is not the same a being condemning. Cars, for example and perhaps more than anything else, do not need to be a major expense.  The majority of people use expensive options.  I often ask why?  The answer, it seems, is awareness of options.  People simply do not know, they think the most expensive approach is the only one because it is the most common.  Companies know this and cater and exploit it.  Its a vicious cycle. 

We have gotten a little of topic.  The original sub issue was the crippling cost of law school.  I, in no way, contest its a sh.. ton of debt and makes life harsh for decades.  In an ironic way we are making the pro non accredited argument stronger.  Look at us ABA school fools arguing over and trying to manage our crippling debt.  I laugh with you, ha.

What's happening here?  Deep breath in, hold, deep breath out.  Jack, buddy, I was saying you were exaggerating your expenses to make your point- which I have said I agree with.  I, however, still think it necessary to point out facilities, even if I agree with the underlying argument itself. If you were not exaggerating your expenses I was planing on giving you some unconventional alternatives that are used less and cost much, much less.

My opinion on AC- Yes I think it is unnecessary.  Yes, I don't like it.  Yes, I think it is unnatural.  Yes, I think Americans are unnecessarily dependent on it.  Yes, I think people are better off without it.  If you disagree, I can still respect you.  Assuming you can make a cogent point and not a string of unrelated insults.  It is my opinion, I am entitled to it.  If you don't like it, well honestly, too bad.  I hate AC, uh sorry.

Lasagna, I try to hard to be wrong and am horrible at life?  Is this for real?  Once I graduated middle school I was afforded the privilege (and right) of not having to deal with a string of incoherent insults strung together in a sentence.  Grown ups don't do that.  Well, grown ups of normal intelligence don't do that.  I don't know or really care what your problem is, be it young age or mental retardation. When children do it, I can handle it because I'm the adult in charge.

I won't deal with this anymore.  Lasagna, you need a time out.  Good luck Jack, really.  If you want some money alternatives I'll help you if I can.   

Hmmm.  I thought I was being soft enough to be helpful rather than piss you off- guess not.  It's okay.  Look, you don't have to defend yourself, but most of us in the US pays 10X more than is necessary.  You can buy a very reliable car for $5K with only liability and be totally fine.  Nissan makes a $4K new car and does not market it in the US because they know we will pay 10X as much on average.  THEY KNOW IT.

Human beings have lived for a long time without AC.  It is a luxury, an unhealthy one at that. You get used to summer if you don't isolate yourself from it, it isn't that bad even in the S East.  Really, you and your kids would be totally fine without it.  One quick question on the AC issue:  Do you think its healthy not to sweat for decades?  Millions of people don't.  I know I'm a freak on this issue, the US has become AC addicted and some how many people do consider it a necessity.  Personally, I hate AC and wish it had never been invented. But hey, it is the middle of summer and I wear a wool suit to the courthouse.  Makes perfect sense.

Onto food expenses, come on you really don't think $100 per person per month two of whom are kids is expensive?  Okay, I'll give it to ya.  I don't agree, but oh well. All subway all day would be cheaper.  It cost Jared less.

Phone, I pay $25 a month and use a smart phone.  I have to have only for my job too. The three big companies charge crazy amount for services you can buy elsewhere.  Utilities, AC might be a huge gulper there.  Solar panels still seem too hippieish for some people, but if it pays for itself in two years-  I don't know.  I hope you enjoy your house, it sure is expensive. 

Lastly, how to say this?  Your response reeks of character assassination and credibility undermining rhetoric.  Not kool, man and totally unnecessary.  Why would I fight with you over what you pay?  If you want to pay more than you need for things that aren't necessary, then by all means be my guest.  It's the American way, isn't it? You are entitled to an opinion, but then so am I.  Also, I was kind of hinting that your estimates were inflated, presumably, to strengthen your point. Hence the questioning, but oh well.  Don't you love the circle. Cheers.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Are CBA schools a joke?
« on: August 09, 2011, 03:42:38 PM »
You can transfer from a non ABA school with 12 credits max, I think.  Look it up to be sure.  If money is your only concern, I can't see how going to a non ABA then transferring would be worth it.  You'll still need to spend most of your time at the ABA school so the savings won't be much and the stress will be high.

In Cali, you might be able to get a job going to a non ABA.  Cali has weird rules that favor non ABA more than other states. That's not to say an ABA isn't a better choice. There are a bunch of non ABA in Cali and you'll have to do a ton of research.  Too bad you're leaving Canada, your chances and options are probably a little better there.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / UMass Law
« on: August 09, 2011, 03:30:28 PM »
Does anyone know anything about UMass?  Student opinions? Job placement? All the rest of that good stuff?

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