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thanks guy, i appreciate your thoughtful replies.
gonna take a month long vaca in europe soon so i'll think long and hard about whats next.

many thanks!!!

ok about me, im 37, single, former wall streeter who quit the biz a little over 3 years ago. mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer shortly after i left work, so ive spent the last 3 years going to chemo and doctor appointments. in that time we all know what happened to the jobs on wall street (though i hear theyre starting to come back). anyway, my mom passed away 3 weeks ago  :'(  and now im at a crossroads...go back to finance or head off to law school?
i have no doubt about getting into law school, i finished undergrad in 3 years with a 3.97gpa in my major, and i worked for one of the best wall street firms out there. nor do i worry about the debt, heck ive had zero income for the last 3 years...somebody out there is bound to give me a scholarship   :P
now get this, i dont find law particularly attractive, i dont care for shows like LA Law, and have no desire to work at a big firm (trust me, we hired a few people from cravath swaine & moore and sullivan & cromwell, and they told me all the horror stories about working at places like that), but i just want a stable career (which means, NOT wall street), where i can set my own hours (ie; private practice...after 10 years of 12+ hour days, i now value quality of life more than obscene amounts of money, and if i am gonna work 12 hour days, its gonna be for myself, and not da' man!  :) ), and make a decent living.
so am i nuts to think of law? yeah i know, im grieving right now and under a lot of stress, so i'll continue to decide what to do...just want to hear peoples thoughts. and oh yeah, after 3+ years away from wall street, getting a job will not be easy. oh dear  ???

thanks very much

PS; my moms doctors had told me to seriously think of med school cause they think id make a great doctor...but even i know that at my age thats completely out of the question. wish i had thought of that 10 years ago !!!!! hahaha

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