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Law School Admissions / Is becoming a lawyer a possibility for me?
« on: July 28, 2010, 10:59:48 PM »
I am a junior in high school and recently I have decided that I would really like to go into law once I get into college. I am really interested in that career field but my only concern is that I don't have that good of grades and I am not in the top of my class or anything like that. I have an average GPA and I haven't taken my ACT or SAT yet. I do take honors and AP classes though. Some people that I've talked to said that if you want to go into law you should join the debate team, but the debate team at my school is really competitive and the teacher is horrible from what I've heard so I am not on the debate team. From what it seems like, you have to be really smart and do well in school if you want to be a lawyer but I want to know if that isn't necessarily true.
I realize that I will have to get my bachelor's degree or whatever first before I go to law school.
My questions are, if anyone has had or is in a similar situation to me, where you weren't academically that strong in high school, were you able to get into law school/do well in law school? Also, when you go to law school do they mostly look at how well you did in college or does the college you went to effect your getting into law school? And also do you think that it would be beneficial for me to take more law oriented classes during high school?
P.S.- Sorry if some of the things I said were inaccurate, I don't know everything about college and law school, I am still a junior in high school! But I wanted to get some more information about it to help me decide whether trying to become a lawyer is right for me!

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