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Pursuing an LLM / How competative are Tax LLM programs to get into?
« on: July 25, 2010, 01:47:29 PM »

I am a rising 3L at a T14 law school. Like many others I am EXTREMELY concerned about the lack of jobs....especially after i just received the OCI schedule. I had been thinking about doing an LLM in taxation pretty much since i started. I have taken several business and tax classes while in law school. My GPA is around a 2.9 I am hoping to boost it a bit this year...but i've been working as hard as i can and for the most part all i get are Bs so not sure how realistic it is that it will go up...but one can hope. Anyway I am planning to apply to LLM programs. I have a strong financial background and I have clerked for federal judges for the past two summers. Where do I stand as an applicant? How competitive are the programs? I know very little other then the top 3 are NYU, GULC, UF followed by Northwestern and BU.

Any advice or information that can be shared would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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