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made in america, stays in america.

We need to keep jobs here in america. Who said we wanted these jobs outsourced? It was more like by force. Ok we are cutting down, so here is a pink slip have good life. Then the job goes to another country.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Ready for College at 17 years old?
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:26:22 AM »
Knowledge is important. Not to be racist, my mom is filipino, the phillippines have lots of hustlers. An example would be a mechanic who purposely will sabatage a part of your car. If you don't watch the mechanic do the work on your car and or you have no knowledge on vehicles, they can take advantage of your car. In opinion, when things are brought up to court, win loose or draw its too late. The person already has been taken advantage of. Its not right, but still.

General Off-Topic Board / Re: Ready for College at 17 years old?
« on: July 25, 2010, 07:14:14 AM »
I would say, personally, i was ready to go to college. I came from a small town, so that can make difference in things. I had a small class. High school in general, should teach a student a little of everything. Mechanics, industrial arts, science, civics, and so on.

Money should not blind a criminal case. I would ask for everything. Toxicallogy reports, emails, text messages, phone records, corinars diagnosis of death, and so on.

      I do agree with your statement. Because, its hard to fight a war. The new war is essentially, blood is thicker then water, type of war. There is no borders with this war. I'm not anti islamic or anything, i personally believe, that bin laden has some deep personal problems with insecurity. He is a mad man with lots of money. His family built up a name, and he is using it to recruit memebers to his cause. My question is what is his true motivation?

Hmm interesting. Never had that asked to me before. Hyphanate, when the divorce is done just remove the hyphen. Just kidding. Most importmant, is the relationship it self. Is the relationship healthy? If the relationship isn't healthy, the name won't matter. It easy to get a divorce. I'm from northen minnesota, it seems like when people get a divorce, the lawyers are basically dividing up stuff and just getting the divorce over with. The couple has to accept that they are seperated. If they want to get back together again in the future, its up to them, but remeber what got them seperated. If I was a judge, or even as a person, i expect both parties to move on with their life as an individual. I don't hear trash talking towards one another. Sometimes a divorce leads to one party and or both parties talking bad about each other. That shows that the person is not strong. The person cannot move on. If restraining orders need to be put on, both parties need to respect the order. If a person decides to remove an order, it will be hard because as a judge, i don't want to hear, or even as a person, i don't want to hear day in and day out husband/wife bf/gf issues. That annoys people. Its individual freedom now that the divorce is final or the realtionship is over. So the name is not really an issue its the strength of the relationship itself.

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