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I would say:

Notre Dame
Ohio State
Pace Law (ok, maybe wishful thinking)

I think my favorite part of the article was this line: Thomas M. Cooley Law School ranked #12  among ABA accredited schools, according to Thomas M. Cooley Law School. I agree with the student in the article that the fact the Cooley publishes it's own rankings and rates itself so high every time makes it look bad. I also think that receiving an e-mail like that one would push me to transfer.

I don't see a problem with putting out rankings themselves. If they think they have a better formula, thats fine with me. I don't believe the rankings for a second, but thats just my opinion. Who is to say USNews is accurate? Just because people fall for it doesn't make it right.

I am also not bothered by asking people to recruit, its actually a really good way to recruit people. The school can say whatever they want, but to hear positive responses from students, as long as they are not lying, is a very strong tool.

General Off-Topic Board / Weekend at Law Schools
« on: July 19, 2010, 07:25:05 AM »
Hey everyone,

New to the board, and I will be a 1L at Pace U Law in the fall. Any 2Ls or higher that can tell me what weekends at law school is like? I know there is a lot of work, and is not the same as undergrad, but what are weekends like? Is it people go out one day a week? Is it really straight work?

If anyone from Pace can answer that would be great ,but I am sure most schools are similar in respect to the question.

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