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Preparing for law school:

1. Think of any fun stuff that you like to do and have the financial means to do (trips, sporting events, getting drunk, etc.)
2. Do as much of that stuff as you can afford to do as much as possible
3. Spend as much time as you can with friends and family
4. Maybe thumb through a few books about law school (I like Getting to Maybe, absolutely skip 1L it's not worth it). If you don't it's not a big deal.
5. Show up the first day, resist the urge to freak out like everyone else is doing, and work your butt off for the next year.

People will try to tell you differently, but there are two types of people who do well in law school 1) people who are naturally good at it, they just "get it" 2) people who work their butts off non-stop. Quality of life decisions start in law school. If you're good at law school then you don't have much to worry about. If you're not, then you'll have to decide how much quality of life you're willing to trade in exchange for percentile points in the grade rankings. The good news is that it's still more than possible to graduate in the middle 50% of your class (or below) and still get a job. Just be open to the idea that you may end up enjoying an area of law totally different than what you thought you would when you came to law school.

Job Search / Re: JAG question
« on: June 24, 2010, 12:36:08 PM »
The regs for new JAG officer accessions for all branches require that you be attending or have graduated from an ABA accredited law school. It's possible but unlikely that this is waiverable by the branch. Even if it is, I doubt you would stand a good chance of getting selected since all the services have more applicants than spots right now, and most if not all of them will have attended ABA law schools.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Going to the Military
« on: June 24, 2010, 11:49:29 AM »
This thread is a week or so old, but I'm a Marine officer on a JA contract and I'm willing to answer questions. I attended OCS last summer between my 2L and 3L year, graduated and commissioned in August. I'm studying for the bar now, and after that I will hopefully go on temporary orders (if there's funding) until TBS. If you are thinking about USMC in any capacity, law, air or ground, I highly recommend going the PLC route. OCC is stupid competitive right now (in fact there were no OCC Air slots for this summer), and PLC is no joke either because the USMC has met its end strength goal of 202,000. There are more candidates right now than slots available. If you want accurate information on what the process and OCS are like, I can help you. I have several friends who are currently active duty JAs as well so if you have questions about active duty service I may be able to help as well.

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