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Hey guys.
I'm an international student want to apply for JD of an ABA accredited law school. I had earned my bachelor's in a top law school in my country with GPA of 3.4 and will finish my masters in international trade law by the end of September (my GPA is 3.46).
Contrasting my GPA, I got the mark of 145 in LSAT and for fall 2010 I do not have any time to retake LSAT.
I would like to ask you for advice, whether you think I should wait for one year and apply with a new LSAT score or go to a tier 3 or 4 law school and then transfer to a higher tier law school??
I had heard that it is almost impossible or extremely difficult to transfer form a tier 3/4 to a tier 1 law school and foreign nationals need to be graduated from a top law school if they want to find a job in US. Can you also clear me on this issue?

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