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I mean the consensus seems to be there are too many law schools and too many lawyers and too many graduates every year Should we consider going into the health field instead? Medical, Dental or Pharmacy school perhaps? Im 26 graduated from college 4 years ago.

The consensus is right.

Go into the medical field (if it interests you) unless you can get into a T14 law school or have family connections that can get you a good legal job.

Do you have family connections that will get you a job after you graduate and pass the bar?  If not , you are a total fool going to this school.  Unless you just want to study law for the fun of it. Do you think any employer takes these unaccredited toilets seriously?

 I was admitted to a T4 school last year, and I am currently in the top 20% of my class.  Depending on your goals, I would say you are definitely not wasting your time.  I am relying on my job experience to make me more marketable as an attorney.  There's no reason why you can't do the same.

Oh, you are in the top 20% of a Fourth Tier school? That really impresses employers these days!  <sarcasm> What sort of unique job experience do you have that will make you more marketable as an attorney in these days when many T1 grads are working at Wal-Mart?  You don't have some family connections that will get you a job, do you? I hope to God you are not borrowing a lot of money to finance your dreams. Sorry to be so harsh, but the legal job market is brutal, and having a positive attitude is not much help. Unless you get into a T14 school, rank at the very top of a lower ranked school (like first in your class, not top 20%), have family connections that guarantee you a job or are not borrowing any money to go to school, going to law school is pure idiocy. You'll realize this in about 4 years.

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