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If you are that fickle then I expect you to get a divorse in less than a year of marriage. "It all went downhill when out pastor kept pushing us to encourage people to avoid divorse and then the last nail in the coffin was when my husband sent an email asking me not to leave him, how dare he try to encourage me to do things that I should want to do anyways, I hope he burns in hell!!!!"

Wow, pretty hostile response. I don't think your comparison of Cooley to marriage & divorce  works (and by the way, I've been married for more than a year). It doesn't work because staying in a marriage is a positive thing (some exceptions apply), while peer pressuring students to not take better options, such as transferring to a better and likely cheaper school that will give them better opportunities, is a negative thing. Recruiting by word of mouth is fine, and isn't something I have a problem with. What I have a problem with is students being pushed to promote a school that they might not really want to recommend based on a threat of a tuition increase.

Transferring / Re: T4 to T1
« on: July 19, 2010, 07:54:32 PM »
kjw5029, is there an update? Was it just that school thinking that you wouldn't really go there if they accepted you?

It's not the fact that Cooley is raising tuition. It's Cooley's pushing students to peer pressure each other to stay and to recommend a school they might not otherwise recommend under the threat of a tuition increase that is "sleazy".

I think my favorite part of the article was this line: Thomas M. Cooley Law School ranked #12  among ABA accredited schools, according to Thomas M. Cooley Law School. I agree with the student in the article that the fact the Cooley publishes it's own rankings and rates itself so high every time makes it look bad. I also think that receiving an e-mail like that one would push me to transfer.

Oh, ok. The reason I thought it was weird that she couldn't get enough money was because her school cost more than mine, but the government was willing to loan me more than they would loan her, so she had to take out private loans. Like you were saying, I also thought they were supposed to loan up to a certain amount--I know JD it's $20K or 20.5K and then you have to grad plus or private loans. I mentioned her loan options compared to mine thinking maybe it had something to do with what you all were talking about when you said your parents can affect whether you get loans in undergrad.

Well, I'm sure it didn't exceed whatever was allowed, but it was quite a bit more than was needed to pay for tuition, a dorm room, and the meal plan. It probably included general living expenses as well or something. All I know is that my school was about $8K/yr (including room & board) and they wanted to give me about $17K. (This was about 6 years ago & I didn't take any of the loan money, so I don't remember exact amounts.) I thought it was weird because my friend who went to a much more expensive school in a different state couldn't get enough government loans to pay for her school and she had to take out private loans.

When I was in undergrad (and under 24), I applied for government loans. My parents earned pretty decent salaries and I was their dependent, but I was still offered more loan money than it cost to attend school and live on campus. I guess it may somewhat depend on the state or the school. For example, it sounds like it may be harder to get government loans when attending FL schools, but that may be because of their Bright Futures program (I sure wish my home state had that deal when I was in college).

I figured I could weigh in on this argument as someone whose parents paid for her undergrad degree. (I was filling out the FAFSA hoping to get work study--no luck there, just lots of available loans.) I really appreciated the fact that my parents paid for my school and I tried to do things to help lower the cost, such as living with them so that there was no apartment or dorm room cost. I also worked while I was in school and took my classes seriously. I have known quite a few people whose parents paid for their schooling who absolutely took it for granted; however, I also know people who took out loans who didn't take school seriously at all either. I think that it is okay for parents to pay for their child's undergraduate education, and I intend to pay for my children to get their undergraduate degrees. However, I do have a problem with students who don't take school seriously when their parents are paying for it. Another way to look at it is that your parents are making an investment in both your and their future. I hope get to a point in life where I am able  to help out my parents financially if they need it. I also expect to help pay for them in their old age.

Transferring / Re: T4 to T1
« on: July 18, 2010, 01:42:13 PM »
What a small world. Lol. I will most likely be at UF as well. I'm still waiting on a decision from UNC before I make my final decision, though I had to go ahead and send in my intent to attend UF in order to bid for EIW. I think UF & UNC are both great schools and I'd be happy to attend either one of them. FSU is also an excellent school, but I decided that I'd rather go to UF if I stay in FL.

7/19 update: I will be attending UF this fall.

Cooley/Thelo/Numitor/other names at other times--is gone now, but he used to go all around this site picking fights with everyone. Sometimes he would try to give advice, but he spent most of his time insulting other posters. He finally left or was kicked out by a moderator.

SOP--He also made some very insulting comments to other posters, but mostly made statements that at times came off as arrogant and as if he believed he was better than others. (but was nowhere near as bad as Cooley)

Ok, so you are transferring not applying as 1st year. You said you want to work in FL. Did you apply to FSU or UF as a transfer student? If you want to work in FL, UF is #1 (T-1) there and FSU is #2 (almost T-1). They are both really cheap compared to other FL law schools (cost a little under $14,500/yr in-state).

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